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photo: yelena yenchuk/post design: eunice chun

For those of you who get to travel home this weekend, there are some things we think you should pack to stay comfy + cozy that will also help battle dryness (aka: heaters, dehydrating altitude from airplanes and ski slopes, and for some of you, the drying effects of too much wine or bubbly!).



photos by Kristin Ess, post created by Kristin Ess

A lot of you guys have said you have a hard time using a curling iron with a clamp and end up with crimp marks. Hopefully most of you have been practicing with Lauren’s help in this video, but for those of you who just can’t make friends with the curling iron clamp, this project is all yours.



photo: post designed by kristin ess

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! We each decided to compile short lists of little things that make us really happy. Just simple things that make us feel good. What’s on your lists? We’d love to hear. Tweet them or facebook them and most importantly, DO them!


  • go for a bike ride
  • laugh so hard that I cry
  • have a movie night with girlfriends
  • go for a swim in the ocean and then air dry in the sun
  • order dessert and eat the whole thing


  • paint a room a new random color
  • make a bubble bath and stay in it until all the bubbles are gone
  • research amazing vacation destinations, even if I’m not going to go
  • break open lavender + gardenias
  • putting peonies all over my house for the 2.5 months they’re in season

Amy Nadine

  • read a book on a hammock
  • take my cousin to Disneyland
  • run through sprinklers
  • sit outside at dusk and watch lightning bugs
  • make popcorn and watch Gone with the Wind

XO Lauren, Kristin + Amy Nadine


photo: JEN GOTCH  post designed by kristin ess

Ladies and gentleladies… not all bobby pins are the same. This weekend, go through your stash. Test what you’ve got. If you pull them apart gently and they stay apart, you need new bobby pins. They should be strong enough to stay closed. If  they’re not, you’ll have a harder time getting your updo to stay! The stronger they are, the less you’ll need. This is a little tip that goes a long way.

Have a great weekend!