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Welcome back, pretty people! Earlier this week we did part 1 of this post which was all about what to ask for when you go see your hairstylist for a haircut. We covered the most wanted haircuts for fine, normal, thin, straight, slightly wavy textures and told you what to ask for to get the most out of your salon visit. In this post, we’re talking about thicker, coarser, wavier, curlier textures. Keep in mind, you’ll always want to listen to what your hairstylist has to say because we didn’t all go to the same school and mine is not the end-all-be-all opinion. Different haircutters go through different training so ask for what you want and then be open minded to what your pro has to say, since they’re the ones with eyes on your particular head of hair. A good haircutter should have no problem doing a proper consulation with you beofre you get shampooed. You’re probably paying a decent amount, if not a lot, and you should get what you want. That being said, let’s talk options!


  • some weight to be taken out of the ends.
  • some layers to be added without looking chunky. I usally like to cut layers on hair like this and then I go back in using the thinning shears to take out any lines or unwanted weight.
  • movement.
  • tapered ends.


  • super thick blunt hair that feels too heavy.
  • anyone who feels like they have a “wall” of hair.


  • graduated layers. the sole purpose of graduation is to build weight. with fine curls, you usually want to layer while adding volume and this is my favorite way.
  • bangs to be incorporated into the hairstyle if you want additional wave to come out. The shorter you cut wavy hair, obviously the lighter it gets, so you’re going to see more volume from adding bangs. Just be sure that’s what you want! Talk to your pro.
  • something that you can put a little product in, diffuse and go.


  • fine, wavy hair that gets flat when it gets long.


  • your waves to be “sliced into”. Slicing is exactly what it sounds like– your hairdresser will run his/her scissors down a small section of hair which will taper the wave and make it a little thinner toward the ends. this takes away width and often makes the hair appear even longer.
  • something that elongates.
  • something to take away the “triangle” caused by thick, wavy hair that’s been cut too blunt.


  • thick, natrually wavy hair.
  • boho vibes/surfer girl vibes.
  • those who love to wash + wear. The air-dryers!


  • layers to remove heavy weight first, and texture added second by slicing though heavier waves to lighten them up.
  • something that gives volume and enhances texture.
  • tapered ends.
  • movement.


  • thick wavy hair
  • strong wave patterns
  • bulky ends
  • “puffy” waves
  • anyone who likes to refine unruly waves using a curling wand or iron


  • your hair to be cut dry first. (Wear your hair clean-ish, in it’s natural texture to the salon so your hairstylist can see it the way you wear it. We don’t have time to sit there while your hair air dries after being shampooed so it’s up to you to come in with it so we can see it the way you love to wear it. We want to see where the weight is, how much shrinkage you have before/after it’s shampooed, and how relaxed it gets after a day or two.)
  • graduation. You want each layer to stack up on the next so you can get more bounce! Graduation will build weight and volume in the places you want it but will remove weight from the bottom so it’s not a giant pyramid shape.
  • versatility. If you straighten it sometimes, tell your hairdresser so he/she can blow you out and make sure the cut looks good with straight hair, too. I always encourage natural texture but some people feel most comfortable with it blown and smooth and that’s okay. Just inform your hairstylist so they don’t cut it to be curly and then you end up with longer bits and pieces when it’s straightened.
  • ask for your hair not to be pulled too much when cut. I like to cut my general shape by lifting but barely pulling at all. Then I go back in and slice though any curls that appear too thick/bulky while gently pulling. Some people understand cutting curly hair and some people don’t. Do your best to find someone who either has curly hair themselves or specializes in curls. It’s a different art than cutting straight or wavy hair and it takes longer to grow back so do your research. It will be worth it!


  • naturally curly hair.
  • curly hair that gets wide, heavy and weighed down.


  • someone who specializes in curly hair, first and foremost. When your hair is this tightly coiled, you don’t have room to mess around. Ask them if they specialize in super curly hair and if they know all about various curl types. If the answer is no, then BYE.
  • your natural texture to be enhanced and refined.
  • definition on the ends by subtle thinning or slicing to give shape to the circumference.
  • any dried, broken ends to be removed while hair is dry.
  • whatever circumference you want. be clear about how far you want it to come out from your head when it’s dry. (I like to cut dry with a little spritz of water on the section I’m working on just to prevent breakage as I’m working through. If you cut it after shampooing, you really don’t know how much it will stretch until it’s redried and restyled. Better to cut it dry with a little water spritzing, then shampoo when you’re done)


  • tight, coiled, kinky curls.

Hope this helps you guys when talking to your stylist! I just have to disclose that none of these photos are ours. Rarely do we do posts using photos from others, but I wanted to get images that speak a universal language.

If you’re a hairstylist or even someone who’s had a great experiene with a certain cut, by all means, please share it below in the comments. We love exchanging information and you may really help someone by spilling your story!



Lots of you lovely ladies email us saying how they have unmanageable, giant hair that they just can’t seem to get under control. Today’s your lucky day! This is a fun tutorial for anyone who has some natural wave + frizz, aaaand it’s also a great tutorial for those of you who live in humidity. All we’re going to do is tame, curl + twist! Here we go!  (more…)


We’re excited to bring you the winner of our Pick Your Own TBD Tutorial and thank you to everyone who voted! The look you chose was LOOK 3! We’ve partnered with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series to create a step-by-step breakdown on how to get this look yourself and think you’ll love just how easy it is to do. This tutorial shows us how to get natural texture + a little volume without using a curling iron. Here’s how:



  1. Start by washing your hair and only conditioning the ends lightly. On towel dried hair, spray Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Protect Spray from the middle to ends. This is an amazing light-weight conditioner that not only protects but also helps close the cuticle, creating more shine.
  2. Next up, pump a golf ball-sized amount of Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse into the palm of your hands.
  3. Massage it evenly throughout your roots. Really work it in to avoid ” flat spots” where you may have missed with product. If you spend a couple minutes getting it evenly distributed, you’ll get a better result with mousse!
  4. Now toss your hair all to one side and blow dry on high.
  5. Flip it to the other side and do the same. It’s okay to go back and forth. You want to get it about 90% dry, leaving just a little bit of moisture. NOTE: If you’re blowing out curly hair to get this look, blow it out all the way! 100% dry! Then see step 7!
  6. Last, flip completely upside down and make sure you dry the area by the nape of your neck.
  7. OPTIONAL: If you’ve blown out curly hair and it’s now 100% dry, spray a little bit of Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair & Finish Spray. This will restore a small amount of moisture and allow your hair to take the shape of the wave without causing the hair to curl back up.
  8. While your hair is still warm from blowdrying, wind all of it into a tight bun at the crown of your head (as you see in photo 8!) and secure it with pins. We prefer using hair pins (aka: U-pins) for this so they’re not too tight, but you can use bobbypins if you’re careful not to open them too wide. Avoid using ponytail holders as they can leave an unwanted crease. If you have shorter hair, you can make 2 buns by dividing the hair into two sections– one up top and one in back.
  9. Try and leave your hair in bun for at least 30 minutes. It needs time to cool in order to take the wave shape. This is great for those of you who do your hair at night because you can sleep on it and get an even better wave! Once the hair has cooled, remove the pins and lightly brush the ends if neccessary. Literally all we did in this photo was take it down after 30 minutes of cool down time, shake it out and brush the last 1 inch using a comb. If you want to, you can go over any unruly pieces with a large barrel curling iron or you can hit the ends with a flat iron for an edgier look.

Thank you to Vidal Sassoon Pro Series for collaborating with us on such a fun voting post. Good luck everyone and show us your waves on Instagram! Tag us @thebeautydept!


As you may know, the Teen Choice Awards were last Sunday. The radiant Nikki Reed went for full Boho beauty and here’s how I got the look:

  • First, we added waves to Nikki’s hair for texture. To get waves, follow THIS.
  • The night before, I pre-made a fishtail braid using an individual clip-in extension. I sewed it to a strip of elastic chord to create a braided headband that would match the golden brown tones in Nikki’s hair exactly.
  • Next, I put the headband around her head and tied it together in the back at the bottom, securing all the way around with small brown bobby pins.
  • I then tucked her hair up in to the headband in back until it created a texture-y chignon shape.
  • Last I secured the tucked hair with large bobby pins to make sure it wouldn’t slide out of the headband. I let the pieces around the face fall out for softness and lightly sprayed all over with a medium holding hairspray so it would still move.

It’s literally one of the easiest updos and always a big hit! It’s AWESOME for short hair because you don’t need much length to tuck the hair into the back of the headband. (Spoiler alert: This is one of our short hair video tutorials coming up!) Always take a couple extra bobby pins with you when you go out just in case  any pieces come loose.