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I don’t know how to tell you this, but my favorite product for finishing layers isn’t a hair product at all. It’s just water. I use this cute little MINI WATER BOTTLE for finishing my girls’ layered haircuts because that mist is the finest you’ll ever get and trust me, I have tried every spray bottle out there. It’s so fine, it’s like a teeny cloud coming out of the bottle! Over time I’ve learned that I can even use this technique on straight, wavy and slightly curly hair that has been styled without the hair getting too wet and wanting to return to its natural texture.

evian water spray hair trick

After my curling iron waves, wand waves or flat iron waves are created and after my favorite products (see here) have been applied, I grab my mini WATER BOTTLE and pick up a layer.

kristin ess hair flick trick water evian spray the beauty department

Pull your layers in various directions while hitting them with a little mist! You don’t want them all going the same way. Again, I want to stress that I do this AFTER my products have been applied. Even hairspray.

the beauty department water trick

To finish off, I set the bottle down and give it a tiny twist/flick to get it going in the direction I want. This is much better on the hair that going over it again with a hot iron to get the hair going in the desired direction.

It’s such a simple finishing trick and I get asked about how I do these little flicks constantly. Hopefully this answers the question! If you can’t find an Evian mini where you live, you can find it HERE!




My hubby is French and every time we spend time at his friends’ homes in Paris, I talk to the women about their gorgeous skin. When it comes to makeup, we mostly use the same products. But none of them believe in “washing their faces.” No face wash, no splashing with water until it’s squeaky clean. That seems really weird and foreign to them. While to us, it seems crazy not to wash our face! Instead, they all use micellar water (or eau micellaire as they call it). Their mothers used it. Their grandmothers used it. It goes way back. So here’s the deal: “micelles” are minuscule little oil molecules suspended in water and they attract oil and dirt like a magnet and pull them to the cotton ball. Have you ever noticed in the bath tub that when oil molecules floating in the water approach other oil molecules floating that they join together and become a bigger oil mass? That’s the power oil always has on other oil. Yet it leaves behind the hydrating soft water from the solution so it doesn’t strip your skin like face wash does. Making it a lifesaver for sensitive and acne-prone skin. I switched to it in January (I still can’t believe I haven’t washed my face in five months!) and my skin is so much calmer, clearer and more balanced. My skin is actually cleaner than using a face wash. If you don’t believe me, wash your face, exfoliate it and then wipe a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and inspect it afterward. You’ll die at what it picked up that the face wash and scrub left behind! It’s wild that something moisturizing is also so powerful at cleansing.



  1. Pour/squeeze a small amount on the cotton square. You don’t need to douse it, just enough to wet half of the surface is fine.
  2. Start wiping it all over. I typically start with a cheek then my forehead.
  3. Continue across your lips if you need to remove lipstick and your eyes if you’re wearing eye makeup.
  4. Wipe your nose and the sides of it.
  5. Finish with the other cheek and your neck.

Because eye makeup has progressed through the years and most are longwear or waterproof formulas now, you might have to go back with a stronger eye makeup remover. I use coconut oil to remove mine (revisit this tutorial) but you can also use these serious eye makeup remover wipes.

When I’m showering, I remove my eye makeup with coconut oil before I get in the shower, then I wash everything BUT my face in the shower and use micellar water when I get out.




As a hairstylist I’m always looking for a favorite new product or tool. Sometimes the thing you end up loving the most was right under your nose the whole time. Undone texture is having a mega moment right now and for the most part we want our FLAT IRON WAVES and CURLING IRON WAVES to look less pattern-y and a bit more natural.

When I discovered my CURRENT FAVORITE PRODUCT for undone texture, it was a total accident. I’ve shared a trick before that involves this spray waaaaay back in 2011, remember? That’s exactly what I was doing– adding a little moisture back into the hair so I could keep curling until I got the texture I wanted. But when I sprayed that superfine mist over the waves and scrunched it in, what I got was a gorgeous diffusion of the waves I had made with the iron. It just took the overly “styled” look away. It’s hard to believe my favorite new trick is simply WATER, but it is. A lot of people are probably wondering if this can be done using a regular spray bottle, but I’ve found that it’s not the same. Regular spray bottles put out too much water at once causing the hair to become too wet which will then cause it to return to it’s natural texture or go flat. There’s definitely a big difference in the fine mist from THIS ONE and any other sprayer.

Above I’ve shown you the finished look. Below are some photos as THE SPRAY is being used. You want to avoid spraying it at the root and focus more from middle to ends. Just a little will do. Then scrunch it in. Avoid pulling on the hair or dragging your fingers through it when it’s wet because you will drag the waves out and flatten your hair.

Here’s the “before hair” with some very subtle waves using a 1 1/2″ barrel iron.

the beauty department bob styling lob styling


Spray a light veil of water, focusing middle to ends and all the way from front to back. Begin scrunching right away.

the beauty dept undone texture


Once you’ve scrunched all the water in, let it air dry. Scrunch a little more if you need to.





style bob lob beauty department

The waves and texture will come together as it air dries. This hair was prepped with MOUSSE when it was wet, before blowdrying. So you’re really using the hold from the mousse as well when you add the EVIAN SPRAY. If you try this, let us know! Would love to hear if you love it as much as we do!


photo: kristin ess +  post designed by kristin ess

Today’s hair post is quite simple but a very valuable one, nonetheless. It’s pretty safe to say that “over styling” is the number one hair crime in my book and we should all know what to do when we’ve simply taken curling or flat ironing too far. Let’s say you’re styling your hair with the curling iron, curling wand or the flat iron, and you get to a point where it just won’t do what you’re wanting it to. STOP. PLEASE. Don’t keep going! It is vital at this point to put some moisture back inside the hair before you go at it again. When you curl or flat iron, that steam that comes out is the hair’s internal moisture. You’re sucking it dry when you go over it repeatedly. You must put moisture back in there in order for it to cooperate! You can’t curl hay!! Grab a water bottle and lightly mist the area that won’t cooperate. Don’t soak it, just misting it is fine. Let it air dry and then come back to it. It’s like getting a second chance! This actually changed my hair game and I hope it helps with yours!

P.S: The Evian bottle in the image above is the one I always use because it has a really fine, even mist. A regular spray bottle works just fine as long as the spray isn’t too heavy.