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photo: Ben Dunbar/Vogue UK post designed by kristin ess

I love a matte look every now and then, although for most days, I love when the skin is glowing and alive.  But remember, there’s a fine line between dewy skin and an oily face.  The trick is to powder with an eyeshadow blending brush instead of a big powder brush.  This way, you can focus only on the areas that tend to shine: the side of your nostrils, tip of your nose, your upper lip, chin, between your eyes and the top of your forehead; leaving the rest of your face to glow and breathe.

XO Amy Nadine




Today nails are becoming more and more relevant. With different shapes, airbrushing, crazy colors and even 3D art, inventive nails have become a great way to express your personal style. Because of this, many of us find ourselves reaching for an electric blue or sunshine yellow polish. We have been having so much fun with our wild nails that many of us have forgotten about our old friend Classic Red. That timeless red that we used to love so much now gathers dust in the back of our bathroom drawers. So why not rekindle the friendship? Paint your nails red… and then the town!


photo: angela+ithyle/  post designed by kristin ess

Let’s start at the very beginning. I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start. This is just a hint of vintage, and not full on Rita Hayworth (although we will get there). This is one of my favorite looks that you can wear anywhere without feeling over-done or too literal. It flirts with old school 1940’s glamour but doesn’t feel costume-y. Lauren sometimes pairs this with something simple because it instantly redefines your entire look.


-1″ barrell curling iron

-large setting clips

-flat/paddle brush-light

-medium hold hairspray


1) Find your side part. Either side will do.

2, 3, 4 & 5) You’re going to curl ALL of your hair inward toward your face (as Lauren does above) and clip the curls in place with large setting clips. Mist all over with a light-medium holding hairspray. Let them cool while you put on your makeup. Multi-Tasking!! Give it atleast 15 minutes to cool and set.

6) Gently pull the clips out and let your hair fall.

7) Using a flat or paddle brush, brush hair back and away from your face and then let it spring back. The wave pattern will automatically start to appear. Keep brushing gently until it shows up. We like to help it along by molding the waves where you want them by hand and then adding one more veil of hairspray.