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photo: russell james/design: eunice chun

I’m the first to preach that we should dress only for ourselves; and maybe occasionally for our girlfriends… but never dress for guys (because sexiness comes from a confidence within). Well, we all know that Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that it’s fun to wear what he’d like us to wear! And since that translates to makeup as well, the truth of the matter is, guys like girls with as little makeup as possible. I know some of you are all over that as you can’t be bothered with makeup, but a lot of us rather die than not wear any makeup, especially around a guy we like! So here are some of our top no-makeup makeup secrets that will define and bring life to your face without him knowing you’re wearing anything! And this concept can be applied for any dates, not just Valentine’s Day…



post designed by Kristin Ess

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so in the spirit of romance, we must discuss the gorgeous + girly strapless dress. You pretty much have free-reign on hair when wearing a strapless, so this is a great time to try all of those fun new flirty hair styles that you’ve been PINNING!