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One of my favorite things (and I’m sure it’s one of  your favorites, too) is a quick easy hairstyle. If you’ve ever had a long night and/or a bad hair morning and/or just felt super lazy before rushing off to work, you need to learn this quick trick. All you need is two hands, a little hair refreshing mist and 4 large bobby pins.  Take that slept in hair (that was so nicely curled yesterday) and do this…

quick easy hair the beauty department

  1. Gently brush or even finger comb any tangles out of the hair.
  2. Pick a spray any spray! You can do a sea spray or a hair refresher. Either one will do the trick, depending on your hair type. For fine limp hair go with a sea spray to add texture, and for thicker coarser hair, refresher spray to calm and control.
  3. Spray a few pumps throughout the hair.
  4. Don’t forget to hit the ends!

twisted ponytail the beauty department


All you do is hold your ponytail in the middle of your head (near the occipital bone which is that bone in the back of your head. Twist the ponytail clockwise. It will start to twist/coil itself under. At that point you’ll get a downward french twist look. Hold the ponytail tight at the nape of your neck and use this guide to slide in your large bobby pins. I advise doing the vertical one from the bottom first. That way the other pins cross over it horizontally and lock onto it.

That’s literally it. It’s so simple but still looks pretty chic if you ask us. If you try this look, let us know! Tag in your instagram photo at @thebeautydept!




No one is endorsing a long night of drinking! But hey, it does happen. And even a couple glasses of wine can show up in our skin the next morning. The bottom line is, alcohol is dehydrating. You have to replenish the fluids on the inside and the outside! My advice: if you can drink a glass of water for each serving of alcohol, your body will thank you. And chug water before you go to sleep. Not too much that you’ll have to get up a lot to go to the bathroom because sleep is important for your skin too. Then try these tricks to make the most of your makeup the next day instead of having it work against you:


TIP #1: Switch from a foundation or mineral powder foundation to a tinted moisturizer. You want one that really hydrates your skin like this one ($$) or this one ($). A BB Cream or a CC Cream is great too if you pick one that isn’t mattifying and doesn’t just sit on top of the skin.


TIP #2: Bring a little life back to your face with a Face Gloss or Face Balm. After applying tinted moisturizer all over your face and neck, rub a few drops in between your fingers then pat and tap your fingers under your eyes, along your cheekbones and anywhere that needs a little love. This step really does the trick!


Then finish the look with Cream Blush instead of Powder Blush, a Pink Lip Gloss (in shade #15) or Tinted Lip Balm (not the time to rock a bold matte lip!) and Mascara. Drink  electrolyte water throughout the day, switch to high anti-oxidant green tea, take vitamins and you’re good to go!






There’s nothing that bums me out more than trying really hard not to get mascara on my lid and it still happening! Argh! But who has the time to get a business card, guitar pick or another prop to use as a guard? Not me. So I figured out a way to apply it without getting a mark on the lid. Not one mark! Every single time! Here’s the trick: mascara application trickDONT

When you apply with both eyes open, the bristles sneak through the lashes and end up on your lid. How uncouth! But do we really need to see with both eyes open? Nope. You can use the other eye to see what you’re doing. You have to trust me on this one. When you close the eye that you are applying mascara to, it will NOT get on your lid. But there are a few techniques to do it. mascara application trickDO


  1. Close the eye that you are about to apply mascara to. Keep the other eye open obviously!
  2. Raise the eyebrow of the closed eye.
  3. Now wiggle the wand through the lashes from root to tip repeatedly.
  4. Open the eye and gently stamp the root.


  • Brook is using this miracle mascara above, which just might be better than sex!
  • We also really love this curling mascara because it really holds the curl after you curl them (and in some cases, replaces the lash curler).

Can you please try it today or tomorrow and let us know if it worked for you too? Thank you!! Oh and for those of you who love to know everything, this is the olive shadow quad that I used!




Summer is fast approaching and we’re not wasting any time. These are likely to be your g0-to waves of the season. I did these on Emily who has very fine hair that is very long. You can definitely do this on shorter lengths, but I would go with THIS WAVE TUTORIAL for any length above the bra. I love this because the messier it gets the better it looks. You can wear it to the beach and/or wear it for a couple days. Even more so, I love what these waves do to highlighted hair color! Okay, let’s get straight to it!

YOU WILL NEED: You’re going to need two separate irons for this look. One would be a curling iron. Here, we’re using THIS ONE. It’s ahhhh-mazing and it’s worth every penny, but it’s not super budget friendly. A more affordable alternative to that iron is THIS ONE which we’ve talked about a million times. As far as wands go, I’ve been loving THIS WAND since I got it a couple years ago and I see no reason to switch! This wand is relatively inexpensive, lightweight and comes with a glove to avoid burning yourself! You’re also going to want a HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY, POMADE and SERUM.

best beachwaves ever the beauty department

  1. You can either air dry or blow-dry. You can also prep the hair with a lightweight MOUSSE or THICKENING SPRAY if you think your hair needs extra hold support.
  2. Divide your hair into 1 1/2- 2 inch sections. If your sections are too big, the curls won’t looks as beachy, but if they’re too small they can get stringy or frizzy with this technique. Make sure to stay within 1 1/2- 2 inches.
  3. We start with the section closest to the ear with the rest clipped up. It’s optional at this point to spray a light hold styling spray or heat protectant on the section. Curl back and away from your face. When you get to the ends, drag the curling iron out slowly to straighten the tips a little! (skip to photo 7 if that sounds confusing)
  4. Now take your next section down and clip the hair back up. Again, stay within the 1 1/2- 2 inch section rule!
  5. For this section you’re going to curl the opposite way using your wand. When you use a wand you hold the end piece out while the rest is being curled, so it’s automatically going to leave your ends looking straighter, which is great!
  6. Keep alternating. The next section is curled back and away from the face using a curling iron.
  7. Now you can see how once you get to the bottom of the curl, you gently drag the curling iron out to avoid “springy” curly ends. You want that more relaxed look and this is a great way to get it.
  8. One more time with the wand, wrapping the hair toward the face.
  9. Then you would  do the opposite side the same way. Since Emily wears a side part, there are only 3 sections on the side with less hair. Still alternate the same way.
  10. Once you’re completely finished, don’t brush the hair. Take your serum and pomade and mix them together in your palms until they’re nice and blended. Work that mix through from middle to ends!

That’s it! Those are the 10 (fairly) easy steps to the best beach waves ever. If you try these, we’d love to see them! We’ve had a lot of requests for super long hair, so I’m trying to accommodate some of those while keeping all my bob and lob girls happy, too! Hope you enjoyed this and if you try it I would love to see it so tag us in the photo @thebeautydept on insta! xx