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Almost every time I do an updo, I get asked about how I hide my bobby pins. I took you guys through how to PROPERLY INSERT A BOBBYPIN back in the day, but I’ve never shown you my trick for how I make those shiny little bobby pin ends disappear. We love glitz on a case-by-case basis, and sometimes you want your BOBBY PINS to show, but for the most part you want them them to be as invisible as possible; this means you’re about to fall (deeper) in love with your dry shampoo. See how the two rendezvous below:

the beauty department bobby pin

We begin with a handful of unassuming blonde bobby pins, which we found to match our hair the best. These are the GOLD/BLONDE and BLACK versions of the ones we used. Even when the pins match your color well, you still have the element of shine, which only serves to distract from your mane masterpiece as they catch the light.

To prep your pins, lay a towel down on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area. Shake your colored DRY SHAMPOO well (In the image we’re using a blonde tone – find your color in the list below) and simply spray each pin approximately 2″ away, moving slowly from one side to the other. Allow to dry, then flip and do the other side. We’re holding the pin above for demonstrative purposes only – don’t do this unless you’re craving a sloppy matte bronde mani. **This works equally well if you pin up your hair and then spray dry shampoo on any pins showing. It just might be a (literal) stretch to get any rogues in the back of your head.

the beauty department hidden bobby pin trick

Once they’ve dried, they’re ready for immediate use. Keep in mind that over time and with handling, the dry shampoo will slowly dissipate, so best not to do this too far in advance of future use. The photo above shows the newly-matte pins next to the previously shiny ones. Once they’re in your hair, they’ll be fine and you can even hit them with a shot of dry shampoo quickly once they’re in if you need to!

Now let’s customize further. Here are some dry shampoo options for you:

(*Note: you can totally play chemist here and mix colors to match your hair better – you do you, boo!). These are a bit spendy, but you’ll also use it to freshen second-day strands and potentially mask greys! Sadly unless you have platinum hair, your regular dry shampoo with no color in it probably won’t work for this trick.

hide a bobby pin trick hack the beauty department

See the difference in the above twists – we pinned the left side with a dry shampoo’ed bobby and the right with an untouched one. What say you to that everyday magic?

Like this hack or have one to share? We’re all ears in the comments below!


photos: kristin ess, post: jessica swanson

photos: kristin ess, post: jessica swanson

So, you can knock out a full set of curling wand waves with one gloved finger tied behind your back? You still had time to ace that smokey eye after finishing bestie’s pull-through braid for Prom? Girl, we know you’re always up for a challenge, so we’re presenting to you our fave flat iron wave tutorial. There’s something just right about the look… not too precious or coiled, with subtle movement for manes both long and short. There might be several versions of flat iron waves out there, but this one gives us life! Here’s how to make it happen:

Before beginning, we prepped towel-dried hair with THICKENING SPRAY, then blow dried straight. This thickening spray helps to create the right amount of texture and a soft, sustainable hold. Keep in mind that once you’ve nailed your technique, it can also be an ideal way to touch up air-dried waves, or can be worked in with OTHER waving techniques.

Before things get heated, take a few minutes to practice with a BEVELED FLAT IRON while it’s still turned off (uh, ps: it’s on SALE! and it’s never on sale!). It’s important that you get the hang of the motions before adding heat, as this trusty iron has only one temperature setting. You’ll want to hit each section only once or twice at the most to avoid heat damage. The beveled edges of the iron are crucial for creating smooth waves, and help to avoid creating kinks in the hair. If you need more guidance on the steps below, go check out our instagram post right here!

flat iron wave tutorial the beauty dept

  1. To begin, hold a section of hair out from your head, and insert the flat iron at a diagonal, just below your scalp. Your waves will have natural, realistic movement if they are created diagonally towards or away from your face, or a mixture of the two. Gently close the iron as you curve it up and back down to form an arc.
  2. Because these waves are created using heat and tension, you’ll need to use a flat finger to hold the form of the previous arc, while you pull in the opposite direction to make your next wave. If your hair tends to slip, use two fingers to scissor the section instead. The second bend will be going the opposite direction, as we are creating alternating peaks and valleys. Just below the first arc, bend the iron down towards your head, then curve back up and release.
  3. complete the wave pattern that now should be visible with another arc curving away from the head, holding the previous bend for tension. You may have more length to wave here, but on this LOB we have reached the finish line!
  4. Slowly tap through the ends instead of bending them inward or too far outward to create a cool, modern finish.

To add just the right level of soft hold and enhance waves, we added a light veil of SOFT BEACH WAVE SPRAY, which while pricey, is just straight up the best! They also have a travel size available if you’re the type to dip your toes first. To truly nail the final look above, try THIS little hair hack after you apply your beach wave spray.

You’re ready to roll out! But maybe hide how good you are at this? Your girls are going to swarm, no doubt.

Don’t forget to tag us when you work those waves! @thebeautydept on insta.




No  matter how well I take care of my lips and exfoliate them, when I put on a matte lipstick or lip crayon, it makes them look wrinkly and accentuates the lines. Until I learned this amazing trick! If you first swipe on a mattifying balm, the crayon or lipstick goes on so incredibly smoothly, it’s shocking! And it seems to stay on longer. Of course, as with anything you put on your face, you should use your own judgement if you think it’s safe to apply it to the lip area, but I personally do it. Here’s how:


tbd lip smoother steps





Every season I sift through department store counters and drug stores, looking for my new favorite lip products. I have a little problem when it comes to lipsticks… ok, my hubby calls it an obsession but hey… it’s my favorite type of makeup! Lipsticks, lip stains, liquid lipsticks, lip gloss, lip crayons… I just love them all so much! And these are my top four formulas and shades that I’ll be personally rocking and introducing to my clients this Summer:

TBD summer smiles1

HAPPY POPPY — I can’t tell you how many compliments you’ll get when you rock this liquid lipstick ($$) in Carina. It’s just the happiest color ever! And if you’re more of a classic lipstick kind of gal, try this lipstick ($) in Poppy.

TBD summer smiles2

LOVELY LILAC — Aimee is wearing this velvetine lip stain ($$) in Polly. And when I say a stain, I mean a stain! I used this formula on Emmy Rossum one night when she was singing because she told me she needed something that could touch the microphone and not move, and it didn’t! I also love this budget-friendly version ($)!

TBD summer smiles3

NEXT DOOR NUDE — I’m always searching for a pinky-nude that brings the drama that only a nude can bring but still has life to it. This creamy metallic one ($$) has a hinted of gold in it and is so radiant on everyone. It’s truly one of a kind and I couldn’t find a drug-store version to include (if you know of one, please mention in the comments below!).

TBD summer smiles4

MOODY MERLOT — Okay, I know traditionally we save dark colors for Fall and Winter, but how boring! Rules are meant to be broken and there’s something kind of rebellious and moody about rocking a dark lip out on a Summer night. I mean, why not? I love this matte lip pencil ($$) in Train Bleu that Aimee is wearing above. I’m also really loving this highly-pigmented matte lipstick ($) in Merlot.