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If I had a dime for everyone who asked me about post-workout wet hair styling, I would be the ricccccccccchest. Like, THE richest. And because I like you guys (gals) so much, I’m giving you what you’ve asked for– hair ideas that you can do when you’re leaving the gym, or even home, with wet hair. There are a million reasons to head out with wet or damp locks but zero reasons that it shouldn’t still look cute after I show you these ideas. So from now on, when it’s just too hot or you’re just too late or straight up TOO tired to blowdry after you shower, try this…

Before doing these, we shampooed with LIVING PROOF RESTORE SHAMPOO, conditioned for 3 minutes with WELLA ENRICH, detangled out of the shower using SEXY HAIR SOY TRI-WHEAT LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER, and then added a little ORIBE GRANDIOSE MOUSSE for hold and fullness once the hair dries. All of these links are for travel size and/or smallest containers available, which is what I keep in my gym bag.


                                             THE BRAIDED BUN

Seems easy enough and we’ve all done it on dry hair. But braiding on wet hair is SO much easier in my opionion because it doesn’t tend to slip.

  • Create a simple ponytail around the occipital bone (that bone in the back of your head).

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 1 2

  • Make a regular 3-strand braid out of that ponytail.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 1 3

  •  Wrap the braid around the ponytail and pin into a bun shape. The mousse will help create volume in the braided bun as it air dries. Gently pull it apart for texture if desired.


                                                 THE WAVY PONY

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 2 1


  • Create a ponytail above the occipital bone.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 2 2


  • Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist them into each other.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 2 3

  •  Unwrap the twists and scrunch until the curls break up. Don’t shake it up or break it up too much as you don’t want it to get frizzy.


                                             THE TIED UP TOPKNOT

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 1


  • Create a high ponytail about where you like your topknot to sit.



the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 2


  •  Split the high pony into two secitons.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 3


  • Tie the hair in a half knot above the ponytail holder.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 4


  • Now tie it in another half knot behind the ponytail holder. It’s easy to do this on wet hair. Much easier than it is on dry hair.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 5

  •  Take the ends that are left out and wrap them around front. Tuck and pin them underneath the bun in front.

Are you guys feeling these gym/wet hair looks? I’m also going to do one for short hair, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!


Once in a few years an innovative product comes along that completely revolutionizes the makeup world. So you can imagine the frenzy that ensued in our office when our friends at Laneige sent us the world’s first ever foundation-forward Cushion Compact! Everything about it screams why didn’t anyone think of this before?! How many times have you wished your foundation was portable like a cream foundation pot but not such a heavy formula that leaves a thick residue on the side of your cell phone? Every day unfortunately. This new system allows you to simply tap the antimicrobial applicator puff against the patented air cushion (with over 800,000 air cells!) and pat it anywhere that needs a little extra love.

The 5-in-1 BB (super-thin) formula:

  • brightens with Melacrusher technology,
  • protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 50+,
  • hydrates skin with Optimal Mineral Water,
  • prevents shine and
  • gives long-lasting coverage.

Here’s how to make it your best friend too!




  1. Open the compact and remove the applicator puff. Lift open the lid cover just beneath it.
  2. Slide two fingers beneath the strap on the applicator puff and press it against the air cushion to load up a light layer of the BB foundation. The amazing thing you’ll notice with this formula is the amount of coverage you get from such a thin layer!
  3. Start under your eyes and press the sponge in a stippling motion as you move across the area. Stippling is always better than wiping, as it really presses it into the skin.
  4. Continue across your forehead as Angelique demonstrated above.
  5. Keep pressing along your cheek area. Load it back up with more product by tapping it against the cushion whenever needed.
  6. Stipple across your other cheek.
  7. Don’t forget your neck and chin!

Did you know that Laneige BB Cushion Compact is a global million seller and one is sold every 10 seconds?! And now you can get your own here stateside at Target here!







Today we’re combining a modern mask with something from your kitchen! This magical concoction was actually taught to me by my facialist Yonat Zilberg and I’ve been thankful ever since! Not that regular masks aren’t good on their own, but I’m a multi-tasker whose time is limited, so the more results I can get, the happier I am.

Here are some of the benefits of adding baking soda to your mask:

  • It turns your face mask into an acne-fighting superhero because it is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic that heals underlying fungal infections.
  • It also helps tackle blackheads by softening the hard skin around them.
  • It makes your mask “rise” or grow in size, so you get more uses from it.
  • It’s an anti-inflammatory and helps calm everything down.


  • Your Favorite Mask: My facialist has me hooked on Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant (it’s a little stinky but a life changer for me). I also love Murad’s Clarifying Mask.
  • Baking Soda
  • A Small Spoon
  • A Muslin Cloth: You can certainly use a washcloth, but one day invest in a set of muslin cloths as a grown-up gift to yourself and your skin. They’re the perfect combination of delicate and strength.


  1. Measure out about a teaspoon of baking soda.
  2. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of the mask into the palm of your hand.
  3. Add the baking soda to the mask.
  4. Start mixing it together with your fingertips.
  5. Finish swirling it around until most of the baking soda is absorbed and it rises in size.
  6. Spread it evenly all over your face. You can also include your neck and chest. Wait 5 minutes (however long it takes to fully dry).
  7. Wet the muslin cloth with cool water and wipe the mask off gently until it’s fully gone. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

My facialist believes we should do a mask every day so I try my best but average 5 days a week. I add baking soda to it once a week.  I actually do it first thing in the morning while I’m oil pulling, feeding the dogs and checking my email. I was a little taken aback when she suggested daily but it hasn’t been that hard to become a ritual and my skin has never looked better or received more compliments, which is new for me because I used to suffer from large pores, overactive sebaceous glands that no matter how often I had extractions, my blackheads filled back up in a week. Now they’re gone. For real. It’s really cool for me!

I understand baking soda is a controversial item for some of you and I encourage you to research the hundreds and hundreds of baking soda face mask recipes on natural blogs then of course with any beauty advice, decide for yourself what feels right for you. If it’s not right for you, it’s totally ok with us! We just love to share things that have been passed down and have worked for us. Skincare is not a one-size-fits-all subject, so be your own advocate.


Post/Photos: Kristin Ess

Post/Photos: Kristin Ess

So now that you have that gorgeous bob, what do you do with it other than wear it down? We’ve given you a couple of ideas with tutorials in the past like THIS and THIS, and we thought we would throw in another since wedding season is pretty much staring us in the face. This one is intended to be a bit messier and a little “undone” from the back so keep that in mind when you get started. You hair doesn’t need to be smooth and perfect before you start, in fact, it’s probably more helpful to have a little natural texture or to put some in really quick with a curling iron before starting. Today I’ve enlisted my friend “Allie from the Internet” as I like to call her, Allie Evansto show us how it’s done. Here we go!


bob updo braid

  1. First thing you’ll need to do is a halo braid. Create a side part. Do an inside-out or dutch french braid around the top of the head. I like to start at the hairline on the side with less hair and take it back to the crown.
  2. Now you’ll bring it all the way back around to the front. Stay close to the head with your hands as you braid so you don’t get pieces that sag.
  3. Braid the tail all the way down and then tuck it in to the braid over where you started.
  4. Fatten up your braid with TEXTURE POWDER as we’ve done in the past. If you don’t have any, you can find it right HERE. Once you sprinkle on some powder, gently pull the braid apart to fatten it up.
  5. Next you’re going to add a WATER-BASED POMADE to the ends that fall below the braid.
  6. Work it in well. We used about 3 dime sized dabs here. This will really help your short pieces stay put.
  7. Twist your pieces and pin them with a STRONG HOLDING BOBBY PIN. Weak pins will not be ideal for this look. You need some serious strength when trying to hold up short hair.
  8. Once we finished securing the pieces, we kept adding more bobby pins in the back because it just looks rad. Pick a contrasting color to your hair color. Allie obviously has platinum hair so we went with black pins. But if your hair is dark or red go with white pins, or even a pop of color like THESE. Just let them show. Don’t try to hide every pin!

bob updo2

When it comes to short hair, keeping those little hairs up can be a challenge, so also feel free to add a little STRONG HOLDING HAIRSPRAY at the end. Use enough bobby pins to make it clear that you want them to show. You don’t want just a couple to show or it may look more haphazard than cool. Good luck!