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With Homecoming just around the corner, here’s a gorgeous makeup look to get you inspired! And for those of us who’ve already graduated, try this look on your next night out! It’s very feminine and looks especially gorgeous with green and hazel eyes because purple is the complimentary color of green (revisit my Green Eye Shadow Focus Guide and Hazel Eye Shadow Focus Guide) and looks stunning on brown eyes as it brings out any green or yellow flecks in the brown (revisit my Brown Eye Shadow Focus Guide for more ideas). Those of us with blue eyes can definitely rock it too (I have!) but it won’t pop as much (revisit my Blue Eye Shadow Focus Guide for other inspiration). Then pair it with a peach cheek & lip and an LBD like I did on Brook Power above! Here’s how: (more…)


Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

I can’t stress this quick tip enough. Do not blend with the same brushes that you used to apply the shadow! Don’t do it! Hear my voice in your head and put the brush down, grab a clean unused one and blend with that one.

Why? Because when you create a smoky eye, you’re depositing a lot of product onto the lid, so how can you truly blend the shadow you’ve precisely placed if there’s still product on the brush? You’re just applying more, not blending. And smoky eyes are all about blending. Furthermore, you typically use more than one shade when creating a smoky eye (lighter on the lid and darker in the crease or The Reverse Smoky Smoke with the darker on the lid and the lighter in crease), so if you blend with the brush that you applied one of the colors with, the remaining product on the brush will spread over the entire area and create a sloppy and muddy look. What’s the point of taking the time to do something pretty to only undo it or not finish it properly?



  1. After you’ve finished your smoky eye, grab a clean, unused brush and blend all over by sweeping the brush back and forth in a windshield wiping motion then in smaller swirling motions, then again with bigger motions.
  2. Continue until there are no harsh edges.

If you don’t have a clean brush in your arsenal (you know who you are!), no worries, just put your laptop down and take a trip into your makeup bag and clean them so I can sleep tonight knowing our TBD readers clean their brushes regularly! Revisit my Brush Cleaning Tutorial if you need a refresher. Thank you!



post + photography by amy nadine; graphic design by eunice chun

This isn’t just a lifesaver in an emergency, creamy chunky liners actually give a smoky eye a whole new look, texture and finish that you can’t get with shadow. I don’t recommend painting your entire lid with a liner; it’s way too much product layering and will end up creasing and streaking. So try this method instead! I’ve done it on photo shoots, the red carpet and on myself and it will not crease.¬† (more…)