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If there’s one New Year’s resolution that can truly make a difference (and we can actually keep), it’s this one! Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and realizing you didn’t wash your face the night before. And I cannot stress how important it is to give your skin a daily eight-hour break from makeup coupled with a regimen of skincare that fights acne and hydrates. So take our pledge this new year and vow to take off your makeup every single night! Let’s be diligent, ladies! What a gift you’ll be giving yourself and your skin… there’s nothing better. Here’s how:

There might be nights that using our favorite (and sulfate-free!) Makeup Cleansing Wipes is all you have the energy to do and for those nights, we totally get it. But while the year is anew, try to aim a step further and exfoliate, treat and hydrate your skin as well! As you know, I’m obsessed with Proactiv+ because it’s the only thing that’s cleared up my skin quickly and gently without drying it out.

If you’re up to the challenge, pledge to take off your makeup every night too by commenting below! And, for those of you who are really ready for gorgeous and clear skin, our friends at Proactiv+ are giving our readers a special bonus of the Makeup Cleansing Wipes for the first 500 devotees who sign up for the Proactiv+ System ($29.95/month that automatically renews for you every 90 days so you won’t break your resolution vow!)! We love them so much because they are strong enough to take off mascara but gentle enough to not break out our skin! Click here for the dedicated offer: Proactiv+ TBD New Year’s Resolution Special!

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If there’s one thing I always tell my clients to begin the battle against aging is some sort of daily peel to generate cell turnover. That could be a scrub (remember my Exfoliating 101 Tutorial on why you should apply the scrub on dry skin before washing your face?) or… an acid peel. I know it sounds crazy to put acid on your face but it’s not the kind of acid that you think! They’re natural acids that gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, alerting your body to generate new cells every single day which results in younger-looking, healthy skin! To simplify it, here are some key points:  (more…)


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Gone are the days where stealing kisses and his over-sized sweatshirt mark the extent of your thievery; it’s time to raid his stash. Look, we’re not asking you to take up a sudden interest in golf or put on a tie; just hear us out. While we love girly frills, pink packaging, and an over-abundance of floral essence; sometimes you just want a product that cuts to the chase and gets the job done…and done well. Enter a slew of hidden gems that you won’t find in our “section” of the store. Whether you sift through his medicine cabinet or decide to go bro-centric on your next shopping trip, we’ve mapped out some of our favorite “boys only” bits that are definitely worth adding to your arsenal.


1. NO7 MEN’S ENERGIZING HAIR AND BODY WASH: Ever wonder how guys can pull off a 5 minute shower? It’s because of products like this…and If you’re a pixie haired-pretty, this one’s got you covered from head to toe. Formulated as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash; this bad boy is a multi-tasker! So, if you haven’t the time to wash, rinse, and condition; this is a great way to streamline your shower time.

2.  ACQUA DI PARMA EAU DE COLONE: Ok, technically this fragrance is unisex (sharing is caring), but Acqua di Parma definitely deserves an honorable mention. The classic cologne is a perfect blend of Sicilian citrus fruits, lavender and rosemary — a season-less scent that’s a nice change of pace from the usual sticky sweet spritzes.

3.  CLINIQUE’S M PROTECT SPF 21 DAILY HYDRATION: Think about it: not only does a man’s face have to endure the same conditions as a woman’s (harsh sun, blistering cold winds, cheek kisses), but also the added element of regular shaves. Because of that, a lot of moisturizers for men are great for those with sensitive skin — plus, added SPF is something we can all get on board with.

4. TOM FORD NEROLI PORTOFINO BATH SOAP: Just because you are venturing into the men’s side of the spectrum doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. Many thanks to you, Tom Ford. Leave it to the designer to create a bath soap that is not only practical, but down-right sensual. You definitely won’t oppose the deep amber undertones when it comes time to suds up!

5.  KEIHL’S EYE ALERT: Though you and your beau may take your coffee differently, you both can agree on one thing: caffeine is key. So, snag this energizing eye treatment that features vitamins and caffeine — a.k.a. essential ingredients that will do you a solid by reducing puffiness and dark circles.

6. SHAVEWORKS COOL FIX: Razor burn, bumps, ingrown hairs, redness…all problems that both sexes have to put up with. This soothing blue gel can alleviate all your shaving and waxing woes. And if its gentle enough for the face, then its gentle enough for your…ahem…bikini line.

7.  GILLETTE MACH 3 TURBO: When it comes to razors, the men’s offering sets the bar. If something is designed to closely shave the complicated curves of the face, imagine what it can do for your stems! This one has a pivoting blade to help you get those stubborn spots like ankles and behind the knee. Well played, Gillette.

Ever swipe anything from your man’s stash? Have a favorite product from the boys section? We want to know in the comments!




A lot of us have uneven skin tones and I’m here to tell you it’s not that big of a deal. Really! It’s so easy to correct so please don’t stress! It’s a rare thing that someone’s skin shade is the same from her forehead to her neck… most of the time our foreheads or our lower cheeks and chin are darker than the rest of our face. Here’s how to even everything out in a way that still highlights our eyes.


  • Cream Foundation — I love a cream foundation stick but you can also use a cream foundation palette or even a cream concealer, just make sure to only go a half shade lighter than your true foundation shade. I used Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick on Bria Murphy above and I also love the color range from Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks (warm/cool, olive/fair/beige/almond/espresso…. you name it). The important factor is that you pick a shade that is a half shade lighter than your real shade. I say “a half” knowing that you’re thinking “how do I know what shade is a half shade lighter?” and bear with me… I say that because most shades are about a half shade variance between shades! So just go to the color in your favorite brand that is one level lower than your foundation and you’ll be fine. Or play with what you have in your makeup drawer and test shades on your neck.
  • Liquid Foundation — Pick one that is your true shade. To help, revisit my Foundation Shade Finder Tutorial and Undertones Tutorial. I used Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation above because again its shade range truly matches everyone. I’m also obsessed with Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Foundation because it’s water-based so it really blends into your skin instead of sitting on top of the skin like silicone-based foundations.


  1. With the foundation stick, draw a figure eight (8) on its side around the eyes like a Zorro mask. Then blend inwards to fill in the whole area (including your lids) using your fingers.
  2. Next sweep the liquid foundation on the rest of your face (not the area you just did) and don’t forget your neck. We used a Beauty Blender (slightly dampened first) but you can also use a foundation brush.
  3. This step is key: blend the edges of the two areas with a buffing brush. Swirl the brush in circles so half of the time it’s blending the liquid foundation up into the cream foundation and the other time it’s blending the cream foundation down into the liquid foundation. It sounds trickier than it is. You can totally get it right, I’m not worried in the slightest!