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photos + sponsored post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

It’s hard to walk the line with glitter… it’s way too fun to pass up, but we don’t want to end up looking like Vegas showgirls when we’re just going out to dinner! Here’s the perfect balance to dress up your eyes in a chic + effortless fashion. (more…)


photos + post by amy nadine

Temperatures are rising and prom, formals + weddings are just around the corner! Which means our skin needs a little help after a long dry winter! After giving your body a good buff with our D.I.Y. brown sugar scrub, add a little shimmer to your lotion to get that perfect glow (without having to spend any money!). Here’s what I made last week in 3 easy steps to use on my clients on talk shows (Brittany Snow with her gorgeous new red hair on her visit to Conan, stunning + raven-haired Krysten Ritter on her visits to both Jimmy Kimmel and Conan and our lovely Lauren Conrad on her visit to Chelsea Lately last night!) that I thought you might like too:


Your favorite lotion (we’re obsessed with Korres Body Butter in Jasmine because it’s natural and smells divine but any lotion that you love will work)
Small jar of gold loose mica mineral pigment (I like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrate in Clove for Fair to Medium skin tones, or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Acacia or Mimosa for Tan to Dark skin tones). You can also crush up an old gold or pearl pressed eyeshadow to make it loose.
A mixing bowl or tumbler, chopstick + spoon
An empty travel-sized jar or bottle

1. Combine 4 parts lotion with ½ teaspoon gold shimmer (or measure by sprinkling the shimmer until desired shade is achieved).
2. Stir with chopstick until color is consistent (isn’t it gorgeous?!) then direct it towards one side for scooping.
3. Spoon out your creation and transfer it into the jar.

You can do this with coconut oil, tanning oils and many sunscreens. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll start wanting to try different shades of illuminating loose powders and add them to everything! Please share any of your ideas + potions too!


photos: terry richardson, anna combaz/post design: eunice chun

Brown, green, hazel + blue eyes all look gorgeous framed with a smoky taupe lid! This is because it’s a hybrid shade that is both cool (smoky grey) while being warm (muddy taupe). Who knew something muddy could look so pretty on your face?!  (more…)


photo: Matt Irvin/Russian Vogue post created by amy nadine

Matte Eye + Matte Cheek + Matte Lip = Heaven!

If you strip away metallics, shimmers, glitters and gloss, you’re left with basics that can be equally as gorgeous.  Think of the stars of the silver screen from the thirties to the sixties: Vivien Leigh, Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Ali McGraw… none of them had shimmery shadow or glittery blush and they all looked stunning.

For most matte looks, it is typical to use cool tones like grey and red, but I love this look on Abbey Lee Kershaw in blushes and taupes.  Use a matte pinky-nude lip pencil to fill in your entire lip (start with lip balm so they’re not too dry), a matte blush in a light peachy-pink shade to brighten your face, a matte brown kohl eyeliner at your lashline and to lightly fill in your brows, and a matte taupe shadow all over the lid.  For crease definition, draw a line in a half-moon shape in the crease with the brown kohl eyeliner then smudge it with your finger.  If you need face powder, just apply on your t-zone with a small brush so your skin remains luminous.

XO Amy Nadine