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For years I used a big fluffy brush to powder my clients’ faces after foundation, even though in makeup school we were taught to use a powder puff. It just felt more luxurious and didn’t have to be restocked all the time like a puff. But last year, I went back to a puff because I started getting frustrated with the way the brush was not only pushing and sliding the cream blush from the area I specifically placed it, but it was also grabbing onto the foundation and making everything a little cakey. Not good. So I went back to the puff press technique created by the masters of Old Hollywood cinema back in the late 30’s and felt a little stupid that I ever strayed. Here’s how: (more…)


photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

How could I not share with our TBD family my favorite trick for keeping clients’ lip colors on all night, long past the red carpet? Some steps may seem a little odd, but they’ve worked for me for years, so I confidently know that they’ll work for you too. Here’s all you have to do: (more…)


photo:  post designed by kristin ess

This is for those of you who have super flat hair. Whether it’s fine or thick, follow our gorgeous Jamie Chung through the simple steps of achieving the perfect amount of volume!

Tools: volumizer (talk to your hairstylist + ask what they recommend for your hair type!), blow dryer, rubber band, medium velcro rollers, 1″ curling iron, setting clips or big bobby pins, teasing comb or teasing brush, light to medium hold hairspray.

1: Add a non-sticky volumizer to your root. Blow dry hair upside down.

2: Put all of your hair up in a quick bun (doesn’t matter what it looks like). This is the time to do your makeup because it will give the hair time to cool while directed upward which creates MAXIMUM volume.

3: Once hair has cooled, take it down and roll the center section in velcro rollers. I recommend rolling them backwards.

4: Using your 1″ curling iron, curl the remainder of your hair “up and back” as you see Jamie doing in #4.

5: Continue curling pieces all the way around and setting them in silver setting clips or with large bobby pins.

6: Allow the hair to set for about 5 more minutes before taking everything down. This is a good time to get dressed while the hair is up and out of your way!

7: Take everything down out of the clips. Slowly pull out the velcro rollers. I like to brush the hair lightly to bring out the fullness of the curl.

8. Curl the top pieces from the velcro rollers just the same as the rest to blend. Curl “up and back” by wrapping the hair on the outside of the iron.

9: Tease the crown a little. This will add volume and break up the curl a little bit. (If you don’t want your curl broken up as much, you can tease the hair before one step earlier before doing #8)

10: Mist with a light veil of hairspray and enjoy!


Yesterday on twitter I asked everyone to post hair questions. I randomly selected a tweet from one of our tweetie pies named @CatherineLoves. She asks how to get volume in thin, lifeless hair. The answer is simple. You have to set it! Setting hair ain’t just for grannies, you know. Roller sets are quietly working their magic all the time! On photo shoots, backstage at fashion week and on the always voluminous Victoria’s Secret runway shows. You guys don’t see a lot of them, you only see the results.

You can go about setting hair in a number of ways but here are the basics. First, find a volumizing product that you love. Ask your hair stylist to recommend something that’s weightless that won’t get sticky. Volumizers that feel sticky will end up weighing your hair down after an hour or two. Blow dry upside down to get the hair going upward and off your head. Flip back over and blow out your hair in sections as you normally would.

While your hair is still warm, start putting velcro rollers in the top section and work your way down if desired. You don’t need to spray hair with hairspray before you wrap it around the roller. In fact, I recommend that you do not. It makes them harder to pull out. I always like to put rollers straight down the part because that’s where people usually feel their hair is the most flat. Use a bobby pin to secure. The key with setting is to let it go from hot to cold while rolled up. Once your hair is wrapped, warm it up once more with a blast from your dryer and then let it get cold! (Yes, you can use the cool button on your blowdryer if you have one to speed up the process.) Use cooling time to get dressed or put your makeup on. Once the rollers have cooled unroll them and style as usual!

Velcro rollers are your best bet for lasting lift. Many of our readers use curling irons or flat irons and with velcro rollers you can still use them after you set. Put 2-3 on top for added height, or do the whole head for maximum fullness. This is a lot of info, but setting your hair with velcro rollers will only take a few extra minutes and it’s so worth it.