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Cultivating the perfect look with a headscarf can be as much a challenge as getting through the long days leading up to a holiday weekend! But we gotchoo- once you’ve read through this tutorial, you’ll be closer to locking down both tasks. Scarves are a such chic way to add color and pattern to your poolside ensemble, protect your locks from unnecessary UV rays, and are oh-so-versatile. The trick is tying them up in a way that doesn’t look too contrived or costume-like (unless it’s a THEMED Fourth of July party…we feel like Rosie the Riveter would be a big hit…) Creating great texture on hair left down or pulled into a tousled updo are key to keeping the look modern, so we put together two beginner looks to show you how:

scarf hair tutorial the beauty department

  1. Our first look works on a variety of hair types, but you’ll need a little length to play with– at least a lob. THIS is a great way to encourage natural waves and curls for texture! We begin by folding THIS SCARF into a triangle, then twist it into a long, lean silhouette, like a headband.
  2. Center the scarf across the front of your hair, playing with placement until you’re happy with the amount of hair framing the face and the position of the scarf OVER the top layer of your hair (see photo). Tuck in the tip of the triangle in the front center that may peeking out.
  3. Tie into a knot at the nape of your neck.
  4. Begin wrapping the underneath hair from one side up and into the twisted scarf, tucking as you go.
  5. Continue tucking hair until you reach the other side.
  6. Now you can make any adjustments to the final look – we pulled out a few wayward curls here and there to enhance the free-spirited vibes of the style.

The final look. Someone get this girl to a backyard BBQ, stat!

scarves hair the beauty dept


hair scarf tutorial

  1. Our second look works great over soft FLAT IRON WAVES. Begin with your scarf. Here we used THIS ONE folded into a triangle.
  2. Lay the triangle on the top of your head, with the point of the triangle laying on your forehead, then wrap the two back corners around to the front and tie once, over the triangle (see photo).
  3. Tuck the tip of the triangle into the previously tied portion.
  4. Tie a final knot over the previous one. Then you can move the scarf around a little until you’re happy with the placement. Tuck in any corners that might be too square on the sides.

The final look. This KWEEEEN is Palm Springs pool party ready!

scarf hair how to

These are just two looks to get your creative energy flowing, but there are surely many more possibilities! Don’t forget to tag us on INSTA @thebeautydept if you have a fun way t0 wear your fave scarf!


photos: Hicham Riad (top) Harper's Bazaar (bottom) post designed by Kristin Ess

Printed silk scarves are a must this season, worn every way you can think of… head wraps, around the neck, flowing from the strap of your handbag… it’s such a gorgeous and simple way to add style and life to any basic outfit of solid colors. And to take it one step further…



Nearly 4 years ago, my friend Tracee was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She was only 33. Hair + boobies are EVERYTHING at that age– especially to Tracee considering she was quite blessed with both. The news was shocking, but in typical Tracee fashion she soon requested we all “get it together” so we could support her in her fight. One night she called and asked if I would cut her hair off before she started chemo. I was thrilled to do that for her. We made it really fun. She always wanted to know what she’d look like with short bleach blonde hair anyway… Wish granted! We set aside 4 or 5 hours and gave her all KINDS of different haircuts on our road to a platinum pixie. We laughed so hard at some of the cuts and kept some in mind for when her hair grew back in. Seeing her so happy before bravely heading into chemo was pretty unforgettable. If you’re going through or about to go through chemo, I strongly recommend that you cut your hair short prior to fall out. Long or even medium hair can be really scary when it falls out because there’s so much more of it. Minimize the shock. No one wants to loose their hair, but on the flip side, you never know… you may love chopping it off!

During chemo therapy, a lot of your time is spent in doors, resting, eating popsicles + trying to get well. In this down time, watch some youtube videos. Learn how to draw in your eye brows when you don’t have any, and learn the trick to giving yourself lashes when there’s nothing there. Figure out how to properly wash a wig, practice putting it on, learn to style it. Figure out how to master scarvesturbans! You’ve got a lot of work to do. There is so much info on the internet, and though some is out dated, keep searching! Tracee ended up like Samantha from Sex In the City. She got multiple wigs and had fun with them. As you can see in the pictures below, she added roots to a blonde wig, cut bangs (always helps a wig look more real), styled it with headbands and braids, etc… She always looked gorgeous. How you feel about yourself is really important during recovery. Anyone will tell you, positive feelings are MAJOR.

I get asked about wigs a lot from people going through treatment. Luckily, if you live in a major city you can waltz right into your local wig shop and try things on. If you don’t, unfortunately it’s a little harder. If you can’t go try something on in person, my absolute favorite for women who have lost their hair is the Racquel Welch wig line. They update their looks, you can get synthetic or human hair, they’re easy to style and they’re not too itchy on your head like some others. If you can’t really afford a wig, check out this donation program! If you’re  young enough, check out this one! You can also ask around to see if there’s a hair stylist who’s willing to help shape the wig for you. Sometimes a ready-made wig can use a little adjustment or shaping, depending on the person’s head size.

As far as regrowth, I can’t recommend any particular regrowth products because you need to ask your doctor or dermatologist about that when going through chemo. That being said, there are some incredible hair growth boosters out there! I can tell you that the new hair will usually be really soft like a baby’s hair. Sometimes even with a slightly frizzy texture. Smartest to trim the neck and around the ears as it’s growing in so you don’t grow a mullet. Look for inspiration on short cuts like this or this or this! Get a water based pomade (google it or ask your hair stylist, there are SOOO many) and learn how to use that for your short hair. Products for long hair don’t really do much for short hair.

photos: tracee manzanares post designed by kristin ess

I hope these tips are helpful and that you’re recovery is QUICK! Leaving you with some links that I love…