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Not everyone has full, thick and long lashes. Hey, we can’t have it all… maybe you have gorgeous long hair or perfect skin, but your lashes are a little on the sparse or short side. Who cares! Embrace what you have, make the most of it and if that’s the worst of your problems, you’re doing alright, right?! But this little trick will become your new best friend. I know you have a mascara in your makeup drawer that you bought with high hopes only to find the wand or the formula (or both) does nothing for your lashes. But don’t toss it! Re-purpose it into a personal root stamper.


  1. The flat surface paints the roots better than bristles ever can.
  2. Stamping at the root really presses and flares the lashes upward.
  3. Stamping at the root makes lashes look thicker at the base, a must for those of us with sparse or thin lashes.


  • A Mascara You Bought And Don’t Love — or one that you loved but has dried out or lost its juujuu.
  • A Mascara You Bought And Love — right now this is my favorite luxury mascara and this is my favorite mass market find.
  • A Pair of Scissors


  1. Take a deep breath and cut the end of the mascara wand off (make sure it’s the one you don’t want anymore!) with the scissors. Toss the end with the bristles.
  2. Switch to your favorite mascara and apply a couple coats like you normally would.
  3. Don’t forget the bottom lashes too.
  4. Switch to your new root stamper and dip it into the mascara tube that you love (or back into its original tube if it isn’t dried out). Press it at the roots of the upper lashline.
  5. Continue to stamp it along the lashline until your cover the entire area.

P.S. You can also use the stamper to paint each lash from root to tip.

P.P.S. Want to know how this ingenious trick came about? One of my favorite producers, Emily Roth (who produces the Charlotte Russe campaigns that I do the makeup for and Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s/Disney blogger parties), was running late and decided to do her makeup at stoplights in her car. When she went to pull the wand out of her mascara, it broke in half and she didn’t have a backup! She had no choice but to use the broken wand stub thing to paint each lash. And they never looked better!! I saw her at the Minnie Mouse party last month and complimented her on her lashes and she told me what happened and how she’d been using it that way ever since. So of course when I got home I ran straight into my bathroom and cut the bristles off of an old mascara wand to see. She was right! Thanks Emily! I love when mishaps become new inventions…



photos/post: Kristin Ess

“You look so good with blonde hair and black roots, it’s like not even funny.” Favorite line from Romy + Michelle, but the compliment doesn’t quite translate to real life.

Why is it that overnight your hair goes from looking cool with a little bit of root to looking insane and borderline trashy?? Unfortunately, you can’t typically get a color appointment the next day. So I want to throw out some things you can do to conceal or use the root to your advantage!

BRAIDING. Braids look 10x more edgy on blonde hair with roots, in my opinion. Visit your local braid bar or salon and find a great braider! Get those tiny side braids (seen below) or that french fishtail you’ve always wanted to try if you’re sporting roots and have to go to an event! Don’t be afraid to ask for something a little edgy. Take some pinterest photos with you! If you don’t think you can pull off edgy, do something pretty. Pretty still looks amazing with a bit of root.

COLORED DRY SHAMPOO. If I go to a shoot or do a client headed to a red carpet, I always have some of THESE LITTLE SPRAYS by Bumble in my kit (I usually get the travel size because I only use them for root touch ups). They make them for blondes, brunettes and redheads, too! To conceal roots on blonde hair, I use the blonde and white sprays, layering one on top of the other if necessary depending on the lightness. I layer more white on top if the hair is platinum and a little less if it’s a vanilla or golden blonde shade.

BLOWDRYING. Add a touch of mousse or volumizing spray to the root and flip your head upside down while drying for a minute or two. Getting the hair up and off your scalp will help conceal the root just a little more. The flatter the hair lays on top, the more obvious the root becomes. HAIR FLIPS are KEY here!

GO NATURALLY CURLY. If  you have blonde hair and curls, you know that wearing it curly will help conceal the length of the root. Think SJP naturally curly hair. You could never tell if her roots were an inch or three inches. The solid line at the root gets diffused by the curly texture of the hair and actually looks amazing with some depth. If you’re a curly blonde girl, you’re lucky! The shrinkage will also create the illusion that the root is shorter than it is when it’s stretched out.

EVERYDAY WAVES. Get familiar with a simple curl technique like THIS ONE! Wearing your hair super straight will only enhance the look of the dark roots. Throw a little wave in and give it some texture.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Best way to avoid a last minute “please I’m begging you to squeeze me in because my roots are insane and I have to go to a thing” emergency is to pre-book when you’re leaving the salon. Talk to your hairstylist and see what he/she thinks about how often you should get touched up. I usually recommend 4-5 weeks for bleach and tone, 6-12 weeks for anyone lighter, depending on the contrast from their natural color to the new color. Make that next appointment before you walk out! Especially if blonde hair with black roots just creeps up on you!

the beauty dept hiding your roots


photo: allure mag   post designed by kristin ess

When it comes to the root-y look, are you in it for the long haul or are you over it already? Have you tried it and not been able to achieve it? Tell us below. We want to know!


photos: polyvore, proenza schouler via, max doyle for aust vogue,, polyvore, pinterest, colors via pantone/grid by,, proenza schouler via  post designed by kristin ess

The return of pastel hair has been a thing for quite some time now, but it’s more this root-y, dip-dye, pantone spring palette that I’m getting the heart palps for. It’s very magic marker, isn’t it? Over the weekend we colored eggs and I couldn’t help but remember being a kid and wanting to lean over and “accidentally” dip my blonde ends instead of the eggs. Are you a pastel fan? Do you dye?