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We put our mascara on in the morning and everything’s great. But then after an eight-hour work day or school day, it’s a different story if you’re going out that night. You have a decision to make: you can add mascara to the old mascara from the morning and hope it doesn’t get clumpy. Or you can wipe it off and start over. Until you learn this trick! Take a second to dip a disposable mascara wand into eye makeup remover then pull it through your lashes to thin it out before adding a fresh coat of mascara.You’ll be so much happier with the result! Here’s how:



  1. Wet the disposable mascara wand with the eye makeup remover.
  2. Place the wand at the roots from the backside then pull and spin it through the lashes.
  3. Bring the wand to the front side of the lashes and brush it through from there as well.
  4. Now go back and add a couple fresh coats of mascara.



the beauty dept carols daughter monoi triple bun

A couple weeks ago we had the honor of premiering  Carol’s Daughter’s newest video tutorial Five Days, Five Styles, One Hairspray!  Today we’ve created two printable step-by-step tutorials showing how to use their new Monoi Repair Flexible Hold Hair Spray on both straight and curly hair types! Why? Because we know a lot of you have made up your minds that all hairsprays are stiff and all oils are greasy. ‘Tis not the case here! Carol’s Daughter has developed a hair spray that sets the style while allowing it to have movement because it’s formulated with a pinch of Monoi Oil — just enough to keep the style soft and brushable but not too much that it becomes oily. You literally can spray a look and wear it, then brush through it, re-style it, spray it again, wear it, then brush through it again. As many times as you like! It’s buildable, brushable and invisible, making it a genius in a bottle! Here’s the half up look we created with it on both curly and straight hair…


carols daughter monoi repair hairpspray x the beauty department triple bun

  1. Start with clean dry hair.
  2. Normally, as you know, we’re not huge fans of spraying the hair with a hairspray before using a wand, but after using Monoi Repair Hairspray on multiple occasions, the hair still feels very soft and healthy when combined with a heat tool. So spritz each section lightly before twirling it around the wand.
  3. Wrap sections in different directions to get a messier look or all in the same direction to get a more patterned look.
  4. Using a small section of hair (about temple to temple) create a small bun on top of your head. Secure with a strong holding bobby pin and a light veil of Monoi Repair Hairspray.
  5. It’s optional to tease the crown area. Here we felt the crown needed a little extra so we backcombed gently to get a little more volume.
  6. Create the second bun. Leave a little hair out around the hairline (about 1″ because we’re going to use that later.
  7. Create the third and final bun, leaving a little hair out around the hairline. (PS: You could keep going with this all the way down for a gorgeous undo but we stopped here because we’re very into half ups right now.)
  8. Use the small sections of hair that you left out around the hairline to create a little separation between the buns. Take a piece and run it in between the bun and wrap it into the bun.
  9. Secure it with a bobby pin. TIP: if your bobby pins tend to slip out, spray a little bit of the Monoi Repair Hairspray on your pin before inserting into the hair! It helps.
  10. Check the back for balance. Lightly pull the buns apart to make them look messier if you love that look. Finish with a final veil of Monoi Repair Hairspray, of course!


carols daughter monoi repair hairspray triple bun tutorial


  1. Sometimes with curly hair, you’ll have a curl or two that have gone rogue. If desired, wrap any untamed pieces around a 5/8″ barrel iron to bring it all together.
  2. Rarely would I use hairspray on curly hair but you can see the shine and health of the hair after applying a light layer of the Monoi Repair Hairspray in this photo.
  3. Grab a section of hair from temple to temple and create a loose bun on top of your head. We’re going to create 3 of these.
  4. On this next bun, grab from just above the ears on each side. Leave a little hair out in front near the hairline, too (about a 1″ section). Unlike the straight hair tutorial, you won’t need to backcomb and really shouldn’t with curly hair. You’ll likely have more than enough volume.
  5. Bring those pieces together in back and wrap them into a bun. Secure with a strong bobby pin.
  6. Create your third and final bun.
  7. Take the pieces you left out in front, twist them back and use them to separate the look of the 3 buns. Weave the pieces in between the buns then wrap into the bun.
  8. Decide if you want to make the buns more messy or leave them as is. If you want to make them messier, gently pull apart and lightly spray Monoi Repair Hairspray as you go.

You can get your hands on one at or exclusively sold at ULTA!

{This tutorial was brought to you with love by our friends at Carol’s Daughter.}


We’re super excited that one of our favorites Carol’s Daughter has expanded their reach into the world of styling! The reason we love Carol’s Daughter so much is because they’ve always been so focused on moisture and repair of the hair, and their new styling products are no exception. We were lucky enough to get the first look at their newest video tutorial starring their brand new Monoi Flexible Hold Hair Spray and because we’re no strangers to step-by-step tutorials, we really love this one because it shows us five styles to create over five days, which is awesome for the girl on the go!

For those of you who haven’t tried this flexible hold spray yet, you’re in for many happy hair days! The hold is buildable, brushable and invisible as opposed to a traditional hair spray that can create stiff, crunchy “helmet” hair. It’s actually meant to be brushed through, so you can change up your hair styles as many times as you need to, as opposed to traditional hair spray that flakes and breaks as you brush and restyle.

This is possible because it has Monoi Oil in it! In the French Polynesian Islands, Tahitian gardenia petals are soaked in coconut oil to create what they call Monoi Oil. It’s incredibly repairing and hydrating, not to mention smells divine, and ingenious to sneak into a hair spray!

Enjoy these five looks that Carol’s Daughter’s team created to show how many ways you can style and restyle your hair with their Monoi Flexible Hold Spray! Remember to hold the nozzle 10-12 inches away from your hair when spraying. Spray before styling with hot tools, spray again to set, then if you want to restyle it later, simply brush through it.

You can get your hands on one at or exclusively sold at ULTA! And keep your eyes out for a step-by-step printable photo tutorial from us with our favorite ways to use it on both straight and curly hair!

This post was brought to you with love by our friends at Carol’s Daughter.




Summer is upon us and I don’t know about you, but my body could use a little color! I’ve always been green with envy of my friends whose skin is as fair as snow and my other friends who have gorgeous dark or caramel-y skin. I on the other hand, fall somewhere in the middle. My skin tans, but I don’t want it to because it’s aging and I don’t have time to lay out anyway. But I need all of the help I can get in a bikini and personally feel more comfortable in shorts if I’m a little tanner (and in my mind, it helps hide my cellulite too!). So these are my favorites in three categories: Gradual Tanners, Instant Tanners and Self Tanners.


GRADUAL TAN: This option is my personal preference because I find it looks the most real. But it takes at least a few days and looks the best after a week of daily application, so this option needs time. If you have it, it’s also great because I don’t find it streaks like self-tanners and instant tanners can. And it doesn’t leave you with a funky smell like some self tanners can. Our favorites are:

INSTANT TAN: I use this option on my clients to give them an instant tan or glow for the red carpet or magazine covers. I personally use it when I go out in a mini skirt and want my legs to feel sexy. I use the waterproof one when I’m at a pool party. These are our favorites:

SELF TAN: Self tanners are for the dedicated and devoted. I am not one of them because I’m lazy about prepping and have found gradual tanners work better with my personality type. But these are the ones that I’ve find score the highest in my testing criteria (not orange-y, not too stinky, not streaky):

  • Kate Somerville Tanning Towlettes — I love these because they’re really easy to use and you can control the evenness because it’s so thin in consistency and conveniently on a towlette that you literally only have to wipe all over. Genius.
  • Kiehl’s Since 1951 Self-Tanning Lotion For Face and Body — This one is awesome because it absorbs quickly, smells nice, can also be used on the face and isn’t greasy.
  • Clarins Self Tanning Milk — This is an all-time favorite and a bestseller because it is milk-like in consistency so it applies evenly. It’s also hydrating and has SPF 6 in case you’re wearing it outdoors. I’ve personally never applied it to my face but I have some friends who do and love it.