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Now that you’ve all nailed the cat eye, why not try lining your liner?


  • Your Favorite Colored Liquid Liner: The best ones that I’ve found are Lime Crime Uniliners and MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liners because they’re incredibly pigmented. The Uniliners have a fine brush while the Aqua Liners have more of a felt tip.


  1. Line the lash line with the liquid liner (start at the inside corner and sweep the brush to the outside corner). Let it dry!
  2. Line directly above it with the other liquid liner color. If you accidentally go over the bottom color, don’t sweat it. Let it dry then go back along the bottom line with the first color.


  1. Start with the pencil and trace it along the lashline. Then trace above it (with the same pencil) so you’ve made it much thicker. Technically, try to make it twice as thick because you’re about to go back and half it.
  2. Now trace the liquid liner along the lashline so it’s half the width of the thick line you just drew with the pencil.


You can do either method above. I prefer to line the bottom color first and then switch colors and draw the top color above it, but you can draw a thick line with the top color then draw a thinner line along the bottom half of it. **Tip: Perfect the line with an angled liner brush to smooth it out before it sets!


Tickled Purple

Post + Graphic Design by Norah Curlee


With the new release of Pantone’s Color of 2014, Radiant Orchid, we’ve been inspired to dig deep in our arsenal to round up some of our favorite purple-hued beauties (and found some new favorites along the way). Blending both cool and warm undertones, purple is an appealing hue for distinctive combinations and flattering to many hair, eye and skin tones. It’s making its way onto our vanities and into our closets and we aren’t mad about it!

Makeup Forever Powder Blush in Lavender: A little goes a long way with this gorgeous violet hued blush. Treat your apples to something other than the peachy/pink variety! We especially <3 this for darker skin tones.

OCC Lip Tar in Hoochie: Only for the bold! This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned these uber pigmented lip tars…and we love this unique color! We think it’s perfect to paint on your pout on days you’re feeling particularly vibrant.

Gizmon iPhone Case: You’ve heard us RAVE about this amazing iPhone case…but now we are tickled purple that it is available in a certain radiant orchid.

MAC Pigment in Pink Pearl: Pigments are perfect for a subtle wash of color or built up for an intense statement. This beautiful magenta with a blue duo chrome shade is perfect for patting on the center of the lid to amp up a natural look!

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Darling: Definitely the most tame of our selection, this is a totally wearable/every day option. It’ll gives your au naturale days a little something special!

Pantone + Sephora Lipstick in Radiant Rush: You can count on Sephora to bring out some amazing beauty bits inspired by the annual Pantone shades…we particular love this year’s lipstick in Radiant Rush. Gorgeous!

Nordstrom Travel Brush Set: Who doesn’t love travel friendly makeup brushes? We definitely do! Especially when they look this good/come with the cutest case ever.

Sachujuan Silver Shampoo: Brassy blondes listen up! This purple hued wonder, in a few washes, will renew your cool toned blonde and rid of any unwanted warm tones. A radiant miracle!

YSL Ombre 5 Lumieres in Indian Pink: This gorgeous shadow quintette offers endless orchid-inspired eye looks. Purple is the word!

Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip Crossbody Bag: This trendy hue is starting to creep more and more into our closets…and this bag is a good place to start! This bright pop of a cross body is like candy…only its practical and you can carry things in it!

Zoya Nail Polish in Charisma: Take this trend to your tips! Glossy and gorgeous, especially on a shorter nail with a few midi-rings. We see some Instagram shots in your future.

Have any radiant orchid inspired beauty goodies? Let us know in the comments!





This is for those of you who either can’t wear a costume to work or don’t feel like it, but still want to do something festive! For the rest of us, don’t forget to revisit  Halloween Beauty Help and Halloween Beauty Help Part Two! Today’s look is simple if you break it down and actually very wearable if you pair it with a nude lip (peachy nude or pinky nude to add a little life) and a light peach cheek. And it lets everyone know you love Halloween, even if you can’t dress up for it! Here’s how: (more…)


photos/post: Kristin Ess graphic design: Eunice Chun

If you’re a blonde or even if you have highlights on darker hair, you know that over time the color can turn a hot shade of mellow yellow. It’s hard to get excited about your hair when the tone is off. (Trumpets) Enter purple shampoo. I’ve been using various purple shampoos on my clients for many years. I can tell when someone blonde/highlighted uses it vs. someone who doesn’t and the ones who do tend to come in less often and are happier with their color for a longer period of time. Purple is exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which is why it cools the gold/brass tones down. The last time we mentioned purple shampoo in a post, one or two readers expressed their skepticism about whether it works or not. It does, but it’s really important to research and find the right one. The best purple shampoos tend to be so densely pigmented that using it the first time can actually be a little scary. Don’t fret– I’d hope no brand would put a purple shampoo on the shelves that would ruin your hair. A good purple shampoo will be dark purple, not light purple, and it shouldn’t be transparent. You see how dark the one is above? That’s what you should look for. Here’s a photo of one of my clients before and after she started using purple shampoo for the first time. It makes a huge difference in a good way…

Purple shampoo pointers…

  • When you first start using purple shampoo, use it every other time you shampoo and then adjust your useage from there. (more…)