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Each time you get dressed up to go out, you have many  different eye makeup options… it really just depends on your mood and outfit! You can draw a cat eye, you can leave them bare to keep the focus on a bold lip, you can rim the inner waterline, you can do a classic smoky eye, or… you can do a Sparkle Smudge! It’s dramatic and ultra-feminine and very compliment-heavy. So add this option to your repertoire and I trust you’ll bring it out on the perfect occasion! Here’s how: (more…)

3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

Post + Graphic Design by Norah Curlee

Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve is a big night! Sealing off one year, and beginning another. It’s your responsibility as a glam goddess to be fully prepared, but how to streamline your essentials from your daily luggage down to your cutest clutch? Well here’s what TBD will have on hand when the ball drops. Perfectly portable in every way!

Paula’s Choice Brighten Up Teeth Whitener: Having a bright, white smile to go with your bold party lip is a must. We adore this on-the-go whitening stick that only takes 20 seconds to a noticeably whiter grill. Oh yeah!

Mini Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray: Whether you’ll be rocking a party bun or a braided crown or just luscious waves, you’ll need a little spritz to keep it all from getting cray. This no-crunch formula from Living Proof is at the top of our list these days.

Palladio Rice Powder Blotting Tissues: No need to carry around a powder compact with these babies. They are not only blotting tissues but they contain rice powder in various shades to match your skin tone. The only thing that will shine will be the confetti!

Sephora Collection Universal Atomizer: This little gadget is a scent saver! Annoyed when your absolute favorite fragrance doesn’t come in a roller ball or travel friendly bottle? This atomizer connects to your full size fragrance and pumps it directly into this portable spritzer. You’ll never fiddle with those spill-able perfume samples again.

Kate Spade Pearls iPhone Case: Ok, so this isn’t an essential, but how pretty! You’ll have your phone out all night taking selfies, Instagramming, and tweeting your way into 2014, so make sure your phone looks as fabulous as you do!

Almay Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks: These are genius. Seemingly just a q-tip but when bent they release makeup remover into the cotton tips. We can think of about a zillion ways where these would come in handy but removing lipstick and mascara/liner smudges are a few!

Wine Wipes: Planning on forgoing champagne and indulging in some serious red vino? The wine stained teeth and lips aren’t a good look so throw these wine wipes in your bag for quick removal. Bottoms up!

Sole Goddess Anti-Blister Balm: More than likely, when you head out for a NYE night on the town you won’t be wearing sneakers. You’ll be busting out the big girl heels! You’ll need this blister balm. Just trust us.

Lip Combo (an obvious must-have): A long wearing lip color + a lip liner are must-haves in your NYE clutch. Non-negotiable. This year we will be sporting Marc Jacobs Lacquer in Truth or Dare with YSL Lip Liner in Wine. Bold is gold!

All fabulous clutches via Nasty Gal

What are you planning on toting in your clutch this NYE? Let us know in the comments or show us on the gram @TheBeautyDept.



The holidays are the perfect time to take chances with your makeup! It’s the time you brave sequined dresses and rhinestoned crowns, why not use that bravery to try a new fun makeup look as well (beyond a red lip)? In the 1960′s, women rocked geometric eyeliner at the office! I say at least rock it at your office holiday party! Here’s how, holiday edition: (more…)



There’s something so pretty about a frosty eye paired with a frosty lip! You’d think it will wash you out, but if you make sure to anchor the look with 1. a strong dark brow, 2. a black inner rim and 3. black mascara, I promise you, you’ll be happily surprised! Here’s how to recreate the shimmery look I did on the lovely Miss Bria Murphy above:



  1. Paint the entire lid with the frost shadow stick.
  2. Trace the frost shadow stick along the lower lashline and blend it with your finger as shown above.
  3. Rim the inner waterline with the black pencil.
  4. Sweep the gold shadow along the crease of the upper lid.
  5. Coat the lashes with mascara.
  6. Contour your cheeks with the bronzer. Revisit my Contouring 101 Tutorial if needed. Then apply the highlighter above the cheekbones.
  7. Finish by painting your lips directly from the tube or with a lip brush for more precision.