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photos/post/design: Kristin Ess

Obviously we love to use photoshop for hearts, stars, polka dots and handwriting on ALL of our posts, but we really do use it as little as possible for anything else. And while sometimes a stray hair or a hang nail’s gotta GO, it’s always better to deal with the issue before taking the picture. That being said, I thought I would let you guys in a little trick I used the other day when I shot this braid post. It’s so useful- whether you’re taking a photo or just going out with friends. Here’s the deal…

  • Of course with a braid or updo you want to see the hair go in different directions, but you don’t necessarily want to see shiny scalp. It distracts from the over all look, right? If you finish a hair style and look in the mirror and you see a strong part/scalp where you just don’t want to but you don’t want to start over, then don’t!
  • Spray the part lightly with a colored dry shampoo. I always have THESE ONES in my kit in every color. I don’t use them as a daily dry shampoo because I have another favorite for that, but I do love this to cover an unsightly part. You can also find them in travel size sometimes.
  • Lightly (don’t over do it because it will look chalky) spray the visible scalp line with a shot of the colored dry shampoo and the focus will be right back on the braid or updo where it belongs.



photo: Bruce Weber post designed by kristin ess

Growing tired of your same old beauty products day after day? Why not organize a product swapping party with your nearest and dearest? So that teal shadow didn’t work out for you,  it looks fantastic on your bestie!  Have you been searching for the perfect hair serum? Good thing your girlfriend has seven (hoarder)!  First pick a night to meet with your friends. Then gather all your unused beauty products and begin swapping. Obviously a half-used eyeshadow isn’t a fair swap for new bottle of perfume so set some ground rules beforehand to ensure everyone walks away happy. Let us know how it goes!

XO Lauren, Kristin and Amy Nadine