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photos by kristin ess, post created by kristin ess

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photos by kristin ess, post created by lauren conrad

As promised, here is a step by step tutorial on how to do a candy corn manicure. This festive look is surprisingly simple to do and a fun way to show your halloween spirit. So give it a try and let us know how it goes…  Also, don’t forget to tweet us a photo of your finished manicure at @TBDoffical .  We love seeing all your fabulous results!


Orange nail polish

White nails polish

Yellow nail polish

Clear top coat




1. Paint your nails with 2 coats of orange nail polish.  It’s really important that you give these coats enough time to dry.  I would suggest allowing a few hours to be sure.  If you would like to play it safe, trying painting them the day before and rocking orange nails for a day. (That’s what I did)

2. Cut tape into strips of tape that are about 1/3 the width of the length of your nails.

3. Place a strip of tape horizontally on the center of each nail.  Press down on the tape securing it to your nail to guarantee clean edges between the colors.

4. Paint the exposed nail below the tape with 2 coats of white nail polish.

5. Paint the exposed nail above the tape with 2 coats of yellow nail polish.

6. Wait 5 minutes before carefully peeling the strip of tape off each nail. Like I mentioned is step number 1, it is important that the orange coat is completely dry so that the polish doesn’t come off with the tape.  Finish with a clear top coat and your done!

XO Lauren


post design by amy nadine

Fall fashion is finally here and as we store away our jean cut-offs and bikinis, we have the chance to change up our makeup a little too.  All my life I’ve always passed over lip colors in the brick/brown/rust/pumpkin family because they just didn’t seem pretty to me or like they’d do anything for me or my clients.  What a closed mind I had! They don’t just look gorgeous on redheads, they look good on everyone, especially as we lose our summer tans.  You just have to broaden your concept as to what you’ve always thought was pretty and give it a try; because it’s a very sophisticated look when you’re ready to see yourself that way.

You can go soft with a rusty nude or caramel or go bold with a deep orange. I would suggest pairing it with a simple eye… a bone or wheat shadow and black mascara complement it beautifully.

XO Amy Nadine


photos: Jamie Nelson, design by kristin ess, post by amy nadine

Bright-colored lips continued to be all the rage at the Fall 2011 shows this year (Sonia Rykel, Ralph Lauren, Thakoon, Mui Mui Ready-to-Wear).  Purples, Fuchsias, Oranges and Reds… it’s a make-up artists dream come true!  And it’s easy to translate this trend into real life by remembering these simple guidelines:

  1. Pick a creamy or matte formula lipstick while avoiding shimmer, metallic and glossy finishes.
  2. Go more minimal on the rest of your face by skipping eyeshadow or opting for a lighter shade, or even an eye gloss.  If it’s a must for you, cheat liner between your lashes or only inside on your waterline.
  3. Go ahead and go bold with your mascara by applying a couple coats or by creating spider lashes.

To make it last all day, follow these steps from my So Fancy tutorial and you’ll be all set to make a statement this Fall!  Such a simple and easy way to be brave…

XO Amy Nadine