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This quick tip might seem trivial, but most of my friends don’t take the time to do it and it kills me! It only takes a few seconds and does so much. Lip liners are amazing because you can cheat the shape and size a little (revisit my Lip Cheat Tutorial here) and they really finish the look by giving the perimeter defined edges that you can’t create with most lipsticks or tinted balms. But we don’t want anyone to see the line glaring from across the room! You’re already in your bathroom, your cotton swabs are just hanging out in their container on the counter… so just grab one and try this!


  • Your Favorite Lip Liner — choose a longwear one that glides on but stays put like this favorite ($$) in Streak or this one ($) in Blush.
  • A Matching Or Slightly Lighter Lipstick Shade — pick one in the same shade or slightly lighter in a satin, shiny, sheer or metallic finish, but not matte. Lexie is wearing this shiny one ($$$) in Insidious. Or try this budget-friendly one ($) in Decadent Peach (on sale!).


  1. Line the perimeter. Cheat the shape a little if you feel like it, just know where to draw the line. (Pun intended!)
  2. Fill in the “inside” area with a lipstick that is the same shade or slightly lighter. Slightly go over the liner.
  3. Now go back and quickly buff the line with a cotton swab so it’s blended but still has its sharp edges.




Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

We’ve had so much fun with the ombré trend (revisit our Ombré Lip Tutorial and our Ombré Stain Mani Tutorial) that I couldn’t help myself with this fun and flirty graduated liner look! Make sure to choose three liners from the same color family. I chose Aquamarine but you could do grey to black, lilac to royal purple, light green to emerald… the possibilities are endless! You could even do four shades! Here’s how:  (more…)


Last week I put a picture (above) of my sparkly holiday nails on my instagram page. These nails are SO simple and so much fun. Since New Years Eve is quickly approaching I thought this would be a fun tutorial to do because you can do these nails in any color combo. I’ve tried black + gold, white + silver, turquoise + rose gold. The key is to get a really dense glitter polish. My favorite so far are these because they have great colors and they’re super-packed with glitter. Okay, here goes:

photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

  1. Start with any polish color you want. We used black so you could really see how it’s done. Let it dry really well. You can even put a thin topcoat over it if you want so it doesn’t smudge when you add the glitter.
  2. Using your dense glitter polish and a super-thin art brush, lay down a line of glitter polish at the tip of the nail. (Or you can do the moons if you’d rather.)
  3. Using the thinnest art brush you can find, drag the glitter polish out carefully. You don’t need to drag too much of the glitter because you want it to fade to almost nothing. Only go about half the length of the nail.
  4. After you’ve dragged it out, go back in and lay down one more line of glitter polish at the tip to make it look more dense.

Add your topcoat right away. It helps the glitter lay flatter and settle better in my opinion. Get creative with color combos. I wonder if this would look good coming out from the sides if you have longer nails…? Don’t forget to tweet (@tbdofficial) or instagram (@thebeautydept) us a photo if you try it out! Good luck and happy holidays, friends! xo


photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

Gradient layers are so beautiful and we’ve seen them everywhere– from clothing, to cakes, to flowers. We thought it would be really fun to incorporate this look into a Mani Monday post. Lately I’ve really wanted a new spin on the “Ombre Nail” and I think we might have found it. There are a couple of things you need to know before starting this manicure. One: get a color that’s incredibly rich and dark so that as you dilute it for each layer you can get plenty of variation. Two: I had to attempt this 3 times in order to get it right, so come equipped with a little patience. Three: You could do this with different colors but you won’t get the same look because there’s a “see through” quality that you get when you dilute a dark polish color with a clear polish that you wouldn’t get when layering regular nail polish. It’s almost like one stain layered over the next stain. The best part is that all of the colors stem from the original polish color so the tone will be exactly the same throughout. Here we go: (more…)