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the beauty dept hair instagram

Let’s be honest… if I were to log actual hours spent on my phone looking through Instagram at all the women with good hair, no doubt I would be in absolute shock! No apologies here, though. When I find a good head of hair on insta, I go into some hypnotic state and all of the sudden find myself deep-creepin’ those curls, braids, waves and windblown strands for an unhealthy amount of time. In this new series, I want to shine some light on those who I think are really ahead of the game in the hair department and tell you a little bit about them so that maybe they can bring some beauty to your daily feed as well. Here we go…


name: jessica lee buchanan

instagram: @jessleebuchanan


Hair goals, beachwave goals, air dry goals, freckle goals, bronze goddess goals… I could keep going with the goals list, but you should just go see for yourself. There’s no way you can look at Jessica’s photos and not want to run to the beach, apply coconut oil to your hair and go play in some clear blue lagoon.


name: hannah faith

instagram: @hannahfaith__


Origninally, I was drawn to Hannah Faith’s page because of her feed. It clear that she’s an artist first and foremost, and happens to have one of the best heads of hair on instagram, in my opinion. Here you’ll find so much beauty inspo intertwined with travel, taste, colors and other girl bosses. Bonus follow: her creative agency @weareinbloom!


name: georgia fowler

instagram: @georgiafowler


There’s no way I need to tell you why this Kiwi kills the off-duty-model-beauty game. Her hair is so perfectly undone and makes me never want to touch a hair brush again (#InShowerCombOutOnly!) Even though she’s from New Zealand, she’s giving me vintage French film girl vibes AF.


name: aleksandra zee

instagram: @aleksandrazee


I love blonde wood and I love blonde waves. How can you not be obsessed with this woodworking STUNNER?? She’s killin’ the game with her inlay art pieces all while looking so flawless, you’d never know she lifted a finger. Luckily she told me her top 3 hair faves: THIS LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER, THIS DRY SHAMPOO and THIS SALT SPRAYGet them all and grab a piece of art while you’re at it!


name: mairaly rodriguez

instagram: @harmonicurls


Rarely am I blown away by someone’s hairstyling range but this girl is off the charts amazing. She explores so many looks and nails them all so perfectly. From her gorgeous, voluminous, bouncy natural coils to her bantu knots to having faux locs on lock, I would say she’s my new favorite. It took me about 3 seconds to find her youtube and subscribe. Mega fan of this baby face beauty.


name: alanna nicole doherty

instagram: @alannanicolex


Anyone with hot pink tips the color of bougainvillea, chic/cheerful style and thick natual hair is a very welcome addition to my ever-growing beauty feed on instagram. That brings us to Alanna Nicole who is quickly style blogging her way to the top! But wait… can we pleeeease talk about that hair color again tho??


name: maggie rawlins

instagram: @maggierawlins


I stopped in my insta tracks when I realized this is the girl everyone brings me pictures of as hair inspo. She’s in all the Planet Blue look books and you may also recognize her from some Wild Fox shoots as well. I recognized her from the torn magazine pages that get shoved in my face more often than I can tell you. Enjoy following this blonde bombshell.


name: lesley buckle

instagram: @freshlengths


You will be blown away by this angel-faced Brit. Her hairstyles are perfection and her lip color choices legit had me bolting over to ASOS since she’s also an insider there. Be prepared to creep deep into her archives of both hair and makeup.


name: frida aasen

instagram: @frida_aasen


This girl gives me all the modern-day Brigitte Bardot vibes. It’s almost like a doll and an angel and supermodel had a baby named Frida. I just want her to clog up the feed with her perfect blonde windswept vacation hair. PLEASE!?


name: rachael ann lunghi

instagram: @laceandlikes


This girl is a baddddd ass. She’s a stylist, she’s a florist, she’s a gorgeous vision. Her page is full of beauty in so many forms. She’s positive and powerful and real and her posts are so meaningful. Follow her for perfectly curated feminine realness.




Just hear me out! There’s a way to wear foundation but make it look like you’re not. Of course you have to first pick a foundation that becomes one with your skin as opposed to creating a mask, then take a second and go back and do this! Even if you don’t have them! Here’s why: if you have freckles and you wear foundation, they get covered up. If you weren’t wearing foundation, they’d show. So perfect your skin with foundation, then go back and dot on a dozen freckles and it will create the illusion that you’re not wearing any foundation! Because if you were, they’d be covered up. Make sense? And for an added bonus, freckles have something very youthful about them, so you’ll look younger too. Here’s how!



  1. First apply foundation all over your face and neck as you usually would.
  2. Next stipple on the cream blush on the top half of the apple and along the cheekbone.
  3. Go back and dot on four to five freckles on one cheek. Add a few on the nose as well.
  4. Do the same on the other cheek.
  5. Now give the freckles a light tap to press it into the skin.


You can go back and spot powder lightly with an eyeshadow brush any areas that tend to get shiny. Just make sure to use translucent powder so it doesn’t cover up the freckles and undo the illusion. By the way, my lighting was so gorgeous for this shoot that it some of the freckles got blown out. But trust me, in person you can really see them and it’s worth trying out!




Over the last few years I’ve shared my favorite ways to get soft and smooth lips (revisit the Winter Lip Fix, The Brush Off and the Chapped Lip Undo). Today I’m giving you an all-natural alternative that tastes and smells amazing! This DIY is especially brilliant because it has not one but two benefits: the sugar exfoliates while the coconut oil moisturizes. My dear friend Angelique Cabral took time from shooting her CBS pilot Life in Pieces to show us how:


  • Any Sugar You Have On Hand — I happened to have a white all-purpose sugar in my kitchen cabinet, but I also love an organic raw sugar too. You’ll only need a 1/2 teaspoon but I made a full teaspoon for photographic purposes.
  • Coconut Oil — I used this one because I also use it to remove my most stubborn eye makeup and I use it for oil pulling! You’ll also only need a 1/2 teaspoon!
  • Your Favorite Lip Serum or Lip Balm (optional)



  1. Pour the Sugar into the Coconut Oil.
  2. Mix it together with your finger by swirling it around until it becomes a paste. Coconut oil melts into a liquid when it’s heated up but you’ll be working fast enough that you’ll be ok.
  3. Cover your entire lip area with the paste and start scrubbing back and forth with your finger.
  4. Stretch your smile so it’s taut and continue scrubbing.
  5. Let it sit for a minute for extra moisture if you wish.
  6. Wipe it off with a tissue. If you made a bit of a mess, you might opt for a wet washcloth instead!
  7. This step is optional because they’ll already be really moisturized from the coconut oil, but you’re welcome to seal the deal and finish with a lip serum or balm.




the beauty department the natural contour + highlight

Post/Photos: Amy Nadine, Graphic Design: Eunice Chun

We’ve seen quite a lot of contouring and highlighting the last few years… some are nailing it, some are afraid to even attempt it and others are walking around looking, well, a little like fashion victims. I hate to say it! Especially because I think makeup is a creative expression and I hate when people call someone else’s makeup “wrong”. But there’s always room for improvement and constructive criticism (blend blend blend!) and this contouring and highlighting technique just might make all the difference in the world! Because when it comes to C&H, it’s better if people didn’t know you did it and it shouldn’t be read by the naked eye.

the beauty department natural contour + highlighting trick

So try this: instead of doing it after you apply foundation (with cream or powder contouring & highlighting products), do it before with liquid or cream products!! Then apply foundation lightly over it and around it using a stippling motion with a dampened egg sponge.  It gives a much more natural look and people won’t notice that you added the dimensions back in. Here’s how:

the beauty department natural contour + highlighting tools



the beauty department contour

  1. After moisturizing your face, apply two drops of liquid bronzer onto the palm of your hand.
  2. Swirl the foundation brush into the bronzer to load it up.
  3. Look in the mirror and suck in your cheeks. Follow the hollow by pressing the brush repeatedly as you move along just under the cheekbone.
  4. Sweep the brush along the temple.
  5. Sweep the brush along the hairline.
  6. Sweep the brush just under the jawline.

the beauty department highlight

7.  Squeeze a pea-sized amount of the liquid highlighter into the palm of your hand.

8.  Load up the kabuki concealer brush by swirling it into the highlighter.

9.  Sweep the brush along the under-eye area to draw the bottom half of an infinity sign.

10.  Continue drawing the infinity sign above the brow as demonstrated above.

the beauty department foundation

11.  Pump a few drops of foundation into the palm of your hand.

12.  Dip the egg-shaped sponge into the foundation a few times to load it up.

13.  Lightly stipple (press repeatedly) the sponge along the perimeter of the highlighted and contoured cheek areas and gently over them.

14. Repeat on the forehead.

15.  Repeat on the nose, chin and any other bare areas.

16.  Finish with a pop of cream blush on the top half of the apple of the cheeks.

Set everything with powder and you’re good to go!