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photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

Gradient layers are so beautiful and we’ve seen them everywhere– from clothing, to cakes, to flowers. We thought it would be really fun to incorporate this look into a Mani Monday post. Lately I’ve really wanted a new spin on the “Ombre Nail” and I think we might have found it. There are a couple of things you need to know before starting this manicure. One: get a color that’s incredibly rich and dark so that as you dilute it for each layer you can get plenty of variation. Two: I had to attempt this 3 times in order to get it right, so come equipped with a little patience. Three: You could do this with different colors but you won’t get the same look because there’s a “see through” quality that you get when you dilute a dark polish color with a clear polish that you wouldn’t get when layering regular nail polish. It’s almost like one stain layered over the next stain. The best part is that all of the colors stem from the original polish color so the tone will be exactly the same throughout. Here we go: (more…)


photos + post design by kristin ess

Getting a real mani is great, but what about in between? Quite often we’re stuck waiting for friends, appointments or whatever pause button the day might push. I love having this little mani-on-the-go kit for when life puts me on hold. It’s just smart and you’ll never be caught heading into a meeting with crusty cuticles again! To be honest, I keep two– one in the console of my car and one in my purse. Of course you can buy a mani kit, but the last time I checked, a nail file + fingernail clippers just don’t do the trick. Here are the 7 greatest things to pack in an empty sunglass case to keep your nails looking fancy on the regular… (click each item for links) (more…)