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Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Today I’m bringing the spotlight to the lower lashline and the many options we have to define it! So I kept two variables constant (same eye and the same upper eye makeup) in order to really see the difference between six lower lashline applications. They are:


  • Bare — this is a great choice when you want all of the attention to go to the upper lid makeup (causing a “lifting” effect).
  • Mascara — coat the bottom lashes with a volumizing mascara. This option brings the lower lashes to life with nothing to compete against them.
  • Dotted line — take a velvet black pencil and draw a dot in between the lashes all the way across the lashline. This option makes it appear like you have more lashes than you really do, while also defining the line without anyone knowing you’re defining it.
  • Lined — start at the inner corner and drag the pencil across the lashline to the outer corner. This is the classic choice to define the lower lashline that women have done for decades.
  • Smudged — blend the line with a smudge brush using short strokes incrementally as you work your way across the line. This makes the line a little more “smoked” and less “lined”.
  • Inner Rimmed — gently pull the lower lid down with your finger for better access to the waterline then sweep the pencil back and forth along it until no spaces remain. This option closes up the eyes a little and makes them look smaller BUT makes them look much more intense  and piercing.

It’s nice to see all the options lined up (pun intended!) to really study the different effect each application has. I personally like to switch it up depending on my mood, day v. night, my outfit, etc but I have clients who insist on leaving it bare and others who have to have it inner rimmed… while most are open to whatever balances out the upper lid. I’d love to know what you prefer so please vote below!



post + photography by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

We all have our own ways of applying mascara and no one way is necessarily the right way… if you’re happy with the results, then it’s a good way for you! But these simple techniques really coat and direct each lash, so it’s definitely worth a try. Here’s how:  (more…)



I’ve been seduced by colored mascara since my middle school dance (where I wore pink mascara on my top lashes and yellow on my bottom lashes only to regret it in the gymnasium bathroom mirror!) but I’ve never been truly happy with the color payoff. It always ends up being more of a hint of color in certain lighting but not truly like it promises in its packaging. Which brings us to today’s DIY project! Why not make our own colored mascara with liquid liner? It’s just too easy. Here’s how: (more…)


photos: amy nadine/post: carissa ferreri/graphic design: eunice chun

For months now you’ve gotten to know my assistant Carissa Ferreri‘s lovely eyes and lips when she’s modeled for my makeup posts! But today she’s sharing a tip of her own. Take it away, Carissa!

Here is a trick I personally discovered while taking a trip that almost ended up in makeup disaster! I had just arrived at my destination and was getting ready for a night out. Since I was on vacation I consolidated my makeup to a small bag and just brought a few essentials. At the time I was in a phase using a black eyeshadow for eyeliner, and you guessed it… as soon as i opened the bag, black shadow everywhere! It had broke en route and I immediately realized what a bad decision it was. I panicked! I didn’t have time to go to the store so I frantically searched in my makeup bag for something else. I couldn’t believe I had packed so little! I am known for overpacking in every sense and the one time i needed an array of products I had failed to bring them. All of a sudden my MacGuyver instincts kicked in and like a lightbulb I zeroed in on the mascara! Clearly it’s safe for eyes and has the consistency of a cream liner. I used my flat slanted eyeliner brush and Voila! My signature cat eye done with none other than my favorite mascara! It lasted all night and I use my mascara liner trick to this day!



  1. Sweep the liner brush against the bristles of the mascara wand to load it up with product.
  2. Line your upper lash line like you would with any gel liner.
  3. Liner your lower lash line (optional).
  4. Finish with a coat of mascara.