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We all know floating around Pinterest is the best/worst time warp ever. We’re totally guilty and we like it. Sometimes it’s just great to sit down and get inspired by the handywork of others. We can’t always find the original source of an image, but they sure do provide major inspiration on our office mood boards. We thought we’d share some of our current favorites…

Love doing these with gels because they typically last a couple weeks and you’re able to wear them for both Christmas AND New Years Eve parties.


We need a tutorial on this updo, stat!

Such a stellar headband by the one and only Jennifer Behr. Better pick up the new Cosmo mag!

This girls curls are everythingggggggg.

Kinda looks like these were made with a marker. Regardless, real cute!

We’ll have what she’s having– as in the most perfectly messy waves we’ve ever seen.

We  might be swapping out our black liner for a little metallic around the holidays!

So into a floppy velvet bow. Makes a messy fall pony so much more interesting.

We always love a flower crown but something about this one is extra special… soo dainty + delicate. Perfect for a chignon like this.

Oh, the cute things you can do with bobby pins…

Fall is here. Bust out those hats, pretty ladies.

That clip tho…


photo: patrick cline for Lonny Magazine post designed by: kristin ess

What’s a girl to do with a banged up table? Here’s my new favorite answer. We saw this gorgeous vanity by famed interior designer Ryan Korban and it made us swoon!

Thankfully, we’ve figured out a DIY version! There are two different options:



photo: post designed by kristin ess

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! We each decided to compile short lists of little things that make us really happy. Just simple things that make us feel good. What’s on your lists? We’d love to hear. Tweet them or facebook them and most importantly, DO them!


  • go for a bike ride
  • laugh so hard that I cry
  • have a movie night with girlfriends
  • go for a swim in the ocean and then air dry in the sun
  • order dessert and eat the whole thing


  • paint a room a new random color
  • make a bubble bath and stay in it until all the bubbles are gone
  • research amazing vacation destinations, even if I’m not going to go
  • break open lavender + gardenias
  • putting peonies all over my house for the 2.5 months they’re in season

Amy Nadine

  • read a book on a hammock
  • take my cousin to Disneyland
  • run through sprinklers
  • sit outside at dusk and watch lightning bugs
  • make popcorn and watch Gone with the Wind

XO Lauren, Kristin + Amy Nadine


Photos:, post created by lauren conrad

Lately, as I have been studying new trends for my clothing lines, I have been seeing vintage florals everywhere and some of the places they have been popping up are a little unexpected.  I have seen sunglasses, platforms, hand bags… and now nails.  I couldn’t be more thrilled about this because I am the kind of girl who wears florals year round.  So when I stumbled across what is sure to be my next manicure I knew I had to share with you all.  If you have ever attempted to paint leopard spots on your nails you know that intricate designs like this are challenging, but doable.  If you want to try this look on your own nails get a tiny paintbrush (the brush that comes with the polish will be too thick) and use the nail polish as if it were paint. You can do any color or design you like.  Then let us know how it goes.

XO Lauren