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post + photography by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

When you apply foundation to your entire face, you’ve created a blank canvas, so you have to go back and add the dimensions back in. Remember in art class how you used darker shading to push an area away and lighter shading to pull an area towards you? That’s all we’re doing here! It creates the illusion of a stronger jawline, more chiseled cheeks and a slimmer face. And the easiest way to do this is by drawing the letter E on each side of your face to contour and the letter C on each side of your eyes. Anyone can do that, right? I’m showing you how to do it with both cream and powder formulas together for staying power, but you can certainly do one or the other. (more…)



There are many ways to use luminizing lotions, but this is my favorite. It draws all the attention the eyes using a simple optical trick that you probably learned back in art class: if you want to pull something forward, make it lighter and if you want to push something back, make it darker. Why not pull the whole eye area forward and highlight it at the same time with a little luminizing shimmer? Here’s how: (more…)


photo: tarina tarantino/post design: eunice chun

There’s nothing prettier than an understated gold-highlighted face! Especially at a New Year’s Eve party… And because gold accents were found all over the Spring runways, we can carry this look into the upcoming months. The trick to walking the fine line before it becomes too obvious is to (more…)


PHOTO: GAETAN CAPUTO post designed by amy nadine

In 1995 I read my first make-up book from cover to cover, The Art of Make-up by the late and great Kevyn Aucoin.  Needless to say, it changed my life.  One of the best tips I learned from that book was applying a light color to the inner corners of the eyes because one day he was studying the fresh face of a child and he noticed there was a lightness there that we lost as we got older.  So if you go back and add it, it brightens the face without anyone being able to pinpoint why you look so youthful.  And as an added bonus, it widens and separates the eyes by creating the illusion that they are further apart.  Genius.


Highlighting eyeshadow or shadow stick in a light nude, white or pale pink shade (the less shimmery, the less detectable, but if you love shimmer and don’t mind people noticing it, it’s fine), dome-shaped shadow brush or fingers.

After finishing your eyeshadow and liner, but before applying mascara, swirl the brush or pat your index finger in the highlighting shadow then with eyes closed, press it directly on top of your inner corners (the width of your finger/brush will automatically cover both the top and bottom part of your lids and the side your nose). If you’re using a shadow stick, pick a wide and chubby one and cover the same areas as listed above, just make sure to go back with your finger and blend.  Voila!  It’s that simple to do and yet it does so much.

XO Amy Nadine