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It’s a new year, which usually means we go back to the gym and get a haircut in order to get off to a fresh start. But what happens after that first haircut of the year? How long until you go back in to get it cleaned up? Every time I cut someone’s hair, I discuss the “expiration date” with them on their way out the door. Because every single haircut is different. You cannot generalize all haircuts with a 6-8 week time period. Here’s my basic breakdown… (more…)



A lot of you ladies have been writing in and asking what is the best way to communicate with your stylist about what you would like done with your hair.  This is especially important if you are making a drastic change.  We suggest that you always bring at least one photo in with you because pictures are a universal language. Want to go shorter? Change up your color? Try out bangs? Then get online and print out some photos or start flipping through magazines.  When your hair stylist has only “sort of reddish – brownish, but not too dark. Ya know?” to go off of then things can easily get lost in translation.  So reduce confusion on your next visit to the salon and bring along a visual.

XO Lauren