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Now that you’ve all nailed the cat eye, why not try lining your liner?


  • Your Favorite Colored Liquid Liner: The best ones that I’ve found are Lime Crime Uniliners and MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liners because they’re incredibly pigmented. The Uniliners have a fine brush while the Aqua Liners have more of a felt tip.


  1. Line the lash line with the liquid liner (start at the inside corner and sweep the brush to the outside corner). Let it dry!
  2. Line directly above it with the other liquid liner color. If you accidentally go over the bottom color, don’t sweat it. Let it dry then go back along the bottom line with the first color.


  1. Start with the pencil and trace it along the lashline. Then trace above it (with the same pencil) so you’ve made it much thicker. Technically, try to make it twice as thick because you’re about to go back and half it.
  2. Now trace the liquid liner along the lashline so it’s half the width of the thick line you just drew with the pencil.


You can do either method above. I prefer to line the bottom color first and then switch colors and draw the top color above it, but you can draw a thick line with the top color then draw a thinner line along the bottom half of it. **Tip: Perfect the line with an angled liner brush to smooth it out before it sets!




The holidays are the perfect time to take chances with your makeup! It’s the time you brave sequined dresses and rhinestoned crowns, why not use that bravery to try a new fun makeup look as well (beyond a red lip)? In the 1960′s, women rocked geometric eyeliner at the office! I say at least rock it at your office holiday party! Here’s how, holiday edition: (more…)


Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

This is for those of you who are curious about going more natural or organic. I’m not claiming to be an expert; I’m just like you, wading through unchartered waters and sifting through the countless new products that keep popping up in this new and growing field. I’ll admit though that I have a slight advantage because I get a box on my doorstep every week from companies wanting me to try theirs! So after a year of trying them out on myself and on my clients, I’m bringing you my favorite natural cleanser, mask, blemish lotion, serum, moisturizing balm, foundation and mineral BB cream! They range in prices ($14.99 for the serum to $130 for the repairing balm) making them a little more expensive than what we’re used to paying for each, but that’s only because they use actual flowers, herbs, minerals and plants instead of less expensive chemicals. So one way to look at it is we’re letting our dollar be our voice… the more natural products sell in the marketplace, the more companies will see the demand for them and we’ll see a shift that will eventually result in lower prices. (more…)


Written by: Sarah St. Lifer, Graphic Design: Eunice Chun

It goes without saying that we always opt for the extra shot of wheatgrass when we’re grabbing a beverage at our local juice shop. Though tough to swallow, the roster of health benefits could put the menu of Yogurtland toppings to shame. As a powerful antioxidant, that tiny shot will help combat cancer, diabetes, and the common cold. And, that post-shot glow isn’t a coincidence — since wheatgrass is an abundant source of vitamins and iron, skin is suddenly much firmer and smooth. We’ll drink to that!

So, as devoted members at the church of wheatgrass, we leaped at the opportunity to incorporate the plant into our beauty routine. Enter: Wheatgrass on Ice. No, we’re not talking about a fancy new cocktail — when frozen and applied topically, the combo has a calming effect on skin. Cheeks irritated from a day in the sun? Just rub a cube on the affected area, and let Mother Nature work her magic. The antihistamines not only reduce redness and inflammation, but they also alleviate itchiness. If only other freezer staples such as Cherry Garcia had the same healing benefits…

Let’s begin!

1. Go to your local juice shop/smoothie bar and buy shots of wheatgrass juice. We picked up two 2-ounces of wheatgrass juice shots.