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photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

Every now and then I love to sneak these little lovely mini lashes along the bottom lashline of my clients’ eyes. They just add a little fullness and balance, especially when I’ve used false lashes on the top lashline. It’s super easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Grab a pack of mini lashes at your local beauty supply store or online here. With slanted tweezers (or your fingers), gently pull out a lash cluster so it’s ready to go.
  2. Add a dollop of lash glue to the top of the package (or the back of your hand) and allow two full minutes for the glue to get tacky (this helps prevent the lash clusters from turning on their sides or sliding down).
  3. Pick up the lash cluster with your tweezers by pinching the end of one of the lashes. Turn it “backwards” or opposite of how you found it in the packaging then dip the knot of the cluster directly in the glue.
  4. With the cluster still backwards so that it curves inward towards your skin, slide each lash cluster in between your own lashes and place it directly on the lash line. I sometimes do 4 clusters on the outside corners of each eye, or I really go for it with 8 clusters all the way across each eye.



YouTube Preview Image

Fuller lashes can be really playful, especially when batting your lashes demurely at someone cute! Yet individual faux lashes still seem to intimidate people somehow. Of course with learning anything new, you just need a little patience and practice, and you too can master it. I know I know… easy to say coming from someone who does it for a living!  But Lauren is the perfect example because she is so good at it now, she does her own and a lot of her friends’!  And if you study our video tutorial, I bet you’ll surprise yourself.


Individual Flare Lashes in Short, Medium or Long, or all three, depending on your own lash size; Lauren is using all Short lengths. You can also buy the Combo Pack that contains all three sizes to determine your length. Lashes can be found at your local drug store, beauty supply or specialty store.

Lash Glue (also can be found at any store listed above and comes in Clear, White or Black; I prefer clear but the white one will become clear when it dries)

Lash Comb or Disposable Mascara Wand




  1. Apply a coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
  2. Comb through any clumps. You can use a lash comb, a spoolie or a disposable mascara wand.
  3. Dab a small amount of lash glue on the back of your hand.
  4. Wait two full minutes for it to get tacky. This is the most important step NOT TO SKIP! If you don’t wait a couple minutes, the glue will be slippery and the lashes will turn on their sides, facing unnatural directions. Not pretty! I usually apply the dab of glue before applying mascara, so I have something to do while I’m waiting.
  5. With tweezers or your fingers, apply one lash at a time on top of your own lashes. Because the glue is now tacky, you can literally plop each lash into place by merely laying it directly on top of your own lashes. You can play around with spacing, but I like them all side by side in a row, one millimeter apart from each other for fullness.
  6. Secure the lashes by tapping them with your finger. This step ensures that each lash is pressed against your skin and will last for hours.
  7. Wait five minutes for the lashes to dry, then add another coat of mascara. Don’t be worried that the mascara wand will pull/turn the faux lashes… they are glued in at this point and won’t move.

XO, Amy Nadine