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Everyone has been asking me what copper lid I’ve been doing in a lot of my last makeup tutorials so thank you for waiting for the breakdown! There’s just something about warm metals on the lid: coppers, champagnes, teaks and nudes, they either work in gorgeous harmony with brown and hazel eyes or they pop blue and green eyes. There are many ways to apply them — a single wash of color, an ombre sunset effect (coming soon!) or a reverse smoky cut crease like I did on Kori here.



  • A Warm Semi-Matte Metallic Palette — I (of course!) used my new Amy Nadine Renewing Nudes Palette because I’ve been developing it for almost a year to accomplish two things important to me: 1. I wanted to load it up with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients (Bamboo Silk, Red Raspberry Seed, Bilberry Seed Oil and Clover Flower Extract) so it works with your skincare program instead of against it by settling into fine lines and 2. I wanted it to have the same intense color payoff as if I had wet the brush beforehand. And I’m happy to report I was able to make both happen! You can buy it here ($$$) or if at Costco ($), even if you’re not a member!
  • An Angled Shader Brush – This one ($$) has replaced all other lid brushes in my kit because it really presses the shadow into the skin as it sweeps across the lid.
  • A Crease Brush — This one ($$) has been my favorite for a few years now because you can roll it as you sweep it along the crease.
  • A Smudge Brush (not shown) — Look for a long, dense and almost flat head like this one ($$).
  • An Angled Liner Brush — I love this ($$) because it’s longer than any other liner brush I’ve ever found, making it much more user friendly.
  • Your Favorite Mascara — I’ve been using this one ($) on all of my girls lately because it’s really thickening.



  1. Apply the Carat (champagne) shade all over the lid with the flat-headed brush.
  2. Apply the Copper shade along the crease with the crease brush.
  3. Sweep the same Copper shade along the bottom lashline with the smudge brush.
  4. Stamp the Mineral (off-white) shade in the inner corner with the dome-shaped brush.
  5. Trace the Teak (dark mahogany) shade along the upper lash line with the angled liner brush.
  6. Finish with a couple coats of mascara.

TBDFallsCopperCollage1 (1)


As you can see above, I’ve been using it on everyone LOL! You can say I’m a little obsessed…


photos by kristin ess, post created by kristin ess

Lots and lots of request rolled in for a Halloween hair tutorial on creating frizz. Clearly this look can go with SO many costumes– 70’s glam, a lioness, a gypsy, a witch, a dead person, zombie, ghost (spray with white hair powder!), and countless others… I snagged my gorgeous friend Nora for this tutorial. She has smooth fine hair and you can see how BIG it gets. If you have curly hair or thick hair you’ll get even MORE volume. The best part is this tutorial will work on any texture! Warning: this takes about 1-2 hours. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but it’s worth it. No crimping iron can get you this much volume! For this particular look, I suggest you get a friend to help with the back. It’s very hard, if not impossible to do the back yourself. Alright, here we go:

TOOLS: paddle brush, sectioning clips, U-pins, light holding hairspray or thermal styling spray, temperature-controlled flat iron.


  1. Start with clean, blow dried hair. I like prepping the hair with a light-hold styling mousse so you get a little extra support + hold from the inside when you set it.
  2. Take a section as seen above and clip it up. Create 1″ x 1″ square sections (this is exactly why I say it will take a long time!)
  3. U-Pins can be found at the beauty supply. These are not bobby pins. They don’t close. They’re referred to as either “hair pins” or “U-Pins”. If you can’t find them at your local beauty supply, google them– they’re all over the internet!
  4. Place the 1″ square section inside the pin the way Nora does above. Make sure the base of the pin stays close to the head. The more room there is between your scalp + pin, the less volume it will create.
  5. Zigzag the hair in a “circle eight” pattern in and out of the pin all the way to the end.
  6. Once you get to the very end, give it a mist of light holding hairspray or thermal styling spray. (Don’t worry if little pieces fall out! There will be so much texture, you won’t really notice those.)
  7. Your flat iron should be on medium, not high. Start at the bottom and flat iron the end piece first. That will keep the hair from unraveling. Work your way up to the base. Don’t let the hair get too hot. I like to do it on 300 degrees Fahrenheit and only clamp the flat iron for 5 seconds at a time.
  8. Once you (and your friend) finish your entire head it should look something like this (photo 8)!
  9. Instead of unraveling from the bottom up to the top of the pin, just pull the U-Pin out from the base. Should slide right out.
  10. Brush with a big paddle brush until you reach your frizziest potential. Give it a good spray and you’re done!

PS, I love my friends because they do things like this for me…



photos by hannah scott stevenson post designed by kristin ess

Halloween is coming up quick! That means you need to start thinking about your costumes (if you haven’t already). Hopefully I can help simplify the hair part because I’m going to do some tutorials on halloween hair do’s! What hair styles do you guys want to learn to go with your costumes? 20’s hair? 40’s hair? Crazy curls? Mermaid hair? Tweet us, Facebook us or email me at [email protected]! I’m going to pick my favorite 4 looks and put some step-by-step photos together for you guys. So tell me… what are you going to be???


I don’t know why, but I find this look so incredibly adorable.  That being said, this is definitely a trend for the daring.  Wearing a pair of ears on my head is normally reserved for my annual Disneyland trip (or Amy Nadine’s weekly trip) or paired with my Halloween costume.  So it may feel unusual to wear it on a regular old Friday night, but I say who gives a darn!?  Why not have a little fun with your look and play dress up this weekend?

XO Lauren