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Going on a first date is always nerve-racking. What to wear, what to say, where to meet, etc… Let me tell you one thing you don’t need to over think– your hair. Recently, I asked 20 guy friends for their opinion on a girls’ “first date” hair. 16 out of 20 guys agreed, a lovely lady’s hair shouldn’t be the focal point. First I showed them photos of very basic hairstyles like the simple ponytail, a basic blow out, every day waves, + natural curls. Next I showed them the hairstyles our female readers have requested the most- the fishtail braid, the fun bun + twisted sister. Hands down, the more simple hairstyles took the prize with the guys. Try to keep things pretty and natural. You should look like yourself at your most polished. If they’re not into that, don’t even start thinking about second date hair.




We all want to avoid a make-up meltdown.  Especially when a cute boy is around!  There’s no excuse in the 21st century to have anything smear or run, or even come off on his shirt when you hug him hello.  The other important rule of thumb in make-up for dates is less is more.  Ask 10 guys how they think girls look the prettiest and 9 out of 10 will say they like us natural and not too made up.  So here are a few tips to look and feel pretty, while not coming undone on a big date:

  • Use a mascara that is soft and NOT starchy.  You want your man to feel like he can pet your lashes.  Kind of like the way we hate it when they use stiff, hard hair gel but like it when they use soft pomade that allows us to run our fingers through their hair.  Don’t use a mascara that makes your lashes stiff and clumpy.
  • Switch to a waterproof eyeliner.  There are amazing waterproof liners out there now that are even smudgeable before they set, then stay put for hours. They come in pencil, gel liner and liquid forms.
  • Skip eyeshadow.  The liner and mascara are enough to define and bring out your eyes.
  • Use a color-stay foundation that stays put (look for ones that say “lasting”); thin it out in the palm of your hand first then apply it with a pre-wettened sponge.  Wait a few minutes then pat with a tissue to remove any excess that could come off on his shirt.
  • Opt for a cheek stain on your cheeks then use a lip stain for a sheer hint of color that’s kiss proof.  Once it’s dried, you can finish with a flavored lip balm if you really like him…

Then don’t worry about your make-up and have fun!

XO Amy Nadine


Our email box is literally flooded with requests for updos so here’s a fun one to get us all going! This is always a favorite for attending an event. This updo looks gorgeous on any hair color but particularly amazing with hilighted hair because it gives the hair lots of depth and dimension. For lack of a better word, I love the way it becomes “swirly”. Best thing is; it’s easy to do, gorgeous and keeps your hair out of your way for the night. I made this a printable tutorial, so all of the steps are next to the photos. Enjoy!

Tools you’ll need: curling iron (to prep the hair with waves), sectioning clips, teasing comb or brush, clear elastic rubber band, bobby pins, light to medium holding hairspray (to mist over at the end).


photo: post designed by kristin ess

It’s that time of year again.  Girls everywhere don beautiful gowns, paint their faces and curl their hair.  Then their dates present them with lovely corsages and escort them to fancy cars.  The whole evening feels like a fairytale… with the exception of the girl who forgot to properly prepare!  Don’t forget about what goes in your purse or clutch. Most prom-going-princesses don’t even think about these little things until they’re rushing out the door.

TBD’s prom night check list:

lipstick or lip gloss

powder compact (don’t forget to touch up unwanted shine before pictures!)

i.d. card





doublestick tape

bobby pins (if your hair is up)

small brush or comb (if your hair is down)

saftey pin

XO Lauren