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We use an shadow primer to make our eyeshadow show up more, we prime our faces under foundation, so why don’t we prime our lips when we want our lipstick to really pop? Some of us have barely any pigmentation in our lips, making every lipstick look almost the same as it does in the tube. But many of us have a lot of pigmentation in our lips, making the lipstick look completely different on then it looks on the back of our hands or in the tube. That’s where a primer comes in! Before primers, we used to just go over our lip area with foundation. But foundation isn’t formulated for the lips and these primers are. Here’s how:



  • Cargo HD Picture Perfect Lip Primer — This one really extends the life of your lipstick while conditioning the lips.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Primer — This one is super conditioning and 100% vegan but doesn’t combat pigmentation. I just wanted to include it for the girls who don’t have to worry about pigmentation but want to prep their lips with the most moisturizing primer out there.
  • Stila Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer — I love this one because not only does it neutralize pigmentation, it leaves a conditioning shield that locks in moisture.
  • NYX Lip Primer — This one is awesome because it ensures the lipstick won’t “bleed” or travel outside the lip line.
  • E.L.F. Studio Lip Primer & Plumper — I love this one because one side has cinnamon to plump while the other side locks in the color so it won’t smudge and lasts longer. And the price is amazing!


  1. Apply the primer all over the lip area like you would apply a lipstick or lip gloss.
  2. Follow with your favorite bright lipstick and notice the difference!! It will be much truer to the color in the tube.


For those of you asking about the lipstick color that I used on Charlene above, it’s this one in Coachella Coral!




We were just curious… do you apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks or your cheekbones? It’s a preference thing obviously, but it creates a different outcome, even if it’s subtle. I have clients that only want blush on the apples of their cheeks and others that want only want it high on their cheekbones. Here’s the difference: if you have strong cheekbones with a deep hollow in the cheeks, applying blush only to the apples softens the face and makes it less angular, while applying it only to the cheekbones reinforces the angles. If you have a rounder face, applying blush only along the cheekbones helps contour it and make it appear less round, while applying it only to the apples will reinforce the roundness. Make sense? Most of us don’t have super angular faces, so the cheekbone route is a good one to take. Otherwise, it can be a mood thing… how you feel each day and how you want to play with your face shape! Either way, just stay high on either, meaning apply the blush on the upper half of the apples or the upper part of the cheekbones for the most flattering looks.


  • Favorite Cream Blushes: We die over this one and we die over the price of this one!
  • Favorite Cream Blush Brushes: This one is a staple in my kit and this one fits my budget.
  • Favorite Powder Blushes: This one has the prettiest texture and color payoff and this one gives you instant cheekbones at an amazing price.
  • Favorite Powder Blush Brushes: I’ve only used this one to apply powder brush for at least five years now. This one is by far the best quality of the inexpensive ones out there.


Smile in the mirror so your apples pop out. Hold the smile while you swirl the blush along the top half of it. Make sure not to go too close to your nose and stay directly on the apple.


Suck in your cheeks so your cheekbones pop out. Sweep the blush along the top side of it. Make sure not to go too close to your eyes and stay directly on the cheekbone.


  • When you load up your brush in the blush, don’t ever go directly from the product to the face. If it’s a powder blush, first tap off the excess against the compact or against your countertop. If it’s a cream blush, first swirl it on the back of your hand to smooth it out and eliminate the excess.
  • Choose a cream blush if you like to blush before your powder, or if you don’t powder at all. It creates a natural dewy glow.
  • Choose a powder blush if you use mineral powder foundation or if you like to powder before you apply blush.
  • If you want it to last for hours, use both! Apply cream blush first, then apply powder blush on top to set it.


photos/post: Kristin Ess

“You look so good with blonde hair and black roots, it’s like not even funny.” Favorite line from Romy + Michelle, but the compliment doesn’t quite translate to real life.

Why is it that overnight your hair goes from looking cool with a little bit of root to looking insane and borderline trashy?? Unfortunately, you can’t typically get a color appointment the next day. So I want to throw out some things you can do to conceal or use the root to your advantage!

BRAIDING. Braids look 10x more edgy on blonde hair with roots, in my opinion. Visit your local braid bar or salon and find a great braider! Get those tiny side braids (seen below) or that french fishtail you’ve always wanted to try if you’re sporting roots and have to go to an event! Don’t be afraid to ask for something a little edgy. Take some pinterest photos with you! If you don’t think you can pull off edgy, do something pretty. Pretty still looks amazing with a bit of root.

COLORED DRY SHAMPOO. If I go to a shoot or do a client headed to a red carpet, I always have some of THESE LITTLE SPRAYS by Bumble in my kit (I usually get the travel size because I only use them for root touch ups). They make them for blondes, brunettes and redheads, too! To conceal roots on blonde hair, I use the blonde and white sprays, layering one on top of the other if necessary depending on the lightness. I layer more white on top if the hair is platinum and a little less if it’s a vanilla or golden blonde shade.

BLOWDRYING. Add a touch of mousse or volumizing spray to the root and flip your head upside down while drying for a minute or two. Getting the hair up and off your scalp will help conceal the root just a little more. The flatter the hair lays on top, the more obvious the root becomes. HAIR FLIPS are KEY here!

GO NATURALLY CURLY. If  you have blonde hair and curls, you know that wearing it curly will help conceal the length of the root. Think SJP naturally curly hair. You could never tell if her roots were an inch or three inches. The solid line at the root gets diffused by the curly texture of the hair and actually looks amazing with some depth. If you’re a curly blonde girl, you’re lucky! The shrinkage will also create the illusion that the root is shorter than it is when it’s stretched out.

EVERYDAY WAVES. Get familiar with a simple curl technique like THIS ONE! Wearing your hair super straight will only enhance the look of the dark roots. Throw a little wave in and give it some texture.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Best way to avoid a last minute “please I’m begging you to squeeze me in because my roots are insane and I have to go to a thing” emergency is to pre-book when you’re leaving the salon. Talk to your hairstylist and see what he/she thinks about how often you should get touched up. I usually recommend 4-5 weeks for bleach and tone, 6-12 weeks for anyone lighter, depending on the contrast from their natural color to the new color. Make that next appointment before you walk out! Especially if blonde hair with black roots just creeps up on you!

the beauty dept hiding your roots




Every day, depending on my mood, I change the way I line my eyes; and in doing so, it slightly changes how the shape appears! Here’s the deal — you can keep your true shape by lining the upper lashline making sure the line has the same width from corner to corner. For most of us, it rounds out the eye like an arc. If I want the shape to appear a little more almond-like (a little longer and less rounded), I go back and thicken the outer corners. Or if I want to really elongate the eye, I extend the line out and up into a cat eye. There’s so much we can do to play with our eye shape, this is just the beginning! But it’s a great place to start.



ROUNDED: Just line your upper lashline with the same thickness from corner to corner. You’ll notice it accentuates the roundness of the eye, making the outer corner appear to “droop” downwards a little. It’s still a very pretty look and I do it on myself all the time because it’s the natural shape of my eye and I love my eyes!

ALMOND: Now go back over the line you just drew by starting in the middle and building the thickness as you reach the outer corner. This makes the eyes appear more “open” and “awake” and hides the roundness a little as it makes them appear more almond-shaped.

ELONGATED: Extend the line by winging it out and up towards the end of your brow. This makes your eyes appear longer and (obviously) more stylized.




How do you play with your eye shape? Do you have a favorite or are you like me and line depending on your mood? I’d love to know!! I can do another tutorial incorporating the lower lashline and the many ways to add it and how it changes the shape as well!