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photo: alberto e. rodriguez/post design: eunice chun

Such a treat to work on my longtime client Krysten Ritter this week for the ABC/Disney party celebrating her new show “Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23” (which is beyond hilarious and premieres in April!). And it’s a double treat to share with you lovelies how I took three inspirations from past TBD posts and applied them on the red carpet! Here’s exactly what I did and you can too:



photo: nicholas moore

The holidays are here and that means it’s time to take chances with fashion and makeup! You can’t waste studded heels or a beaded dress with boring everyday makeup… you gotta step it up! Because I live for makeup (and the holidays), every late November I go from counter to counter at the department stores then up and down every aisle at the drug and specialty stores and play with every holiday palette and shade like a kid in a candy store. So without further ado, here are my favorites in each category to help you sparkle at your holiday parties this month:

Splurge: Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer – I’ve never been a fan of tinted moisturizers as they go way too shiny on my clients and me, but this one is a game changer with the perfect amount of coverage and most importantly, glow.
Steal: Covergirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation — This natural foundation gives great coverage while feeling like a lightweight mousse that disappears when you put it on (along with your imperfections!), because when you’re rocking a red lip and sequins, you don’t want anyone to notice you’re wearing foundation.



post designed by amy nadine

Did you know you can pull off wearing pink on your eyes, cheeks + lips at the same time? You absolutely can and should try it! Especially during these last few weeks of summer when we’re keeping everything light and simple.  Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Keep the three shades in the same hue. So if you choose a salmon-pink hue, find a salmon lipstick, blush + eye shadow (or a light salmon shadow for the lid + a true salmon for the crease). Don’t wear a hot-pink lip with a powder-pink cheek + a salmon-pink eye. You want everything to flatter each other in a way where people don’t even notice the makeup after a few seconds and just think how pretty you look.
  • Pick matte finishes with no shimmer.
  • Consider your undertones. Those with cool undertones should choose a cool-pink hue, those with warm undertones should pick a warm-pink hue, etc. Again we want everything to be harmonious with each other, not clashing. I would suggest a bright hot-pink on dark African-American skin, a salmon-pink on Asian skin, a soft powder-pink on pale skin and a petal-pink on olive and light African-American skin.
  • Another way to choose your hue is with your eye color. Blue eyes are in the cool family (go powder-pink or hot-pink), green/hazel are olive tones (opt for salmon-pink or petal-pink) and brown are warm (opt for a warm salmon-pink). But try it on to make sure that it doesn’t clash too much if you have clashing eye and skin tones. If it does, always choose your skin undertones over eye color.
  • Skip eyeliner (or if you love the way eyeliner changes the shape of your eyes, pick only the top or the bottom lashline, not both, and stick with black).
  • Coat your upper lashes well (bottom lashes are optional) and lightly define your brows.

If you are unsure of what your undertones are, don’t fret! I’ll be back on Monday with the easiest way to detect yours. In the interim, ask your girlfriends, mom or salesperson at a make-up counter then check back next week to see if they nailed it!

XO Amy Nadine


photo: angela weiss

Last year I had the pleasure of heading up the make-up department for my client Krysten Ritter’s film Life Happens, that also stars Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson (and our very own Lauren has a cameo in it!).  So as you can guess it was a dream job for me to do their make-up every day for it!  It just premiered this month at the L.A. Film Festival (can’t wait for all of you to see it!) and Kate represented in style in a hot pink Richard Nicholl slip dress with nude Chloe heels and the Windsor bracelet from her Jewelmint line. Here’s how you can re-create this simple look I did for her.

To begin, Kate and I quickly decided we wanted the make-up to feel soft and light and not compete with the dress.  Remember to let your fashions make the statement while your make-up merely defines and accentuates your own natural beauty… and just because you wear a hot pink dress doesn’t mean you should be matchy-matchy and wear hot pink lipstick!  I opted for a sheer raspberry-tinted lip balm for a hint of pink that instantly yet effortlessly is feminine and sweet.  I paired it with a dusty-rose cream blush as a warm complement to the cool tone of the lip (heat it up between your fingers before swirling on the apples of your cheeks then blend the edges with a sponge).  I chose an eyeshadow that was almost the same color as her skin with a little shimmer in it, skipped eye liner then spent time and effort coating and separating each of her top lashes by wiggling and pulling the wand in upward strokes (then skipped mascara on the bottom lashes).  Lastly I filled in her brows one shade darker to anchor everything.

Super easy and breezy, ladies!  So all you’ll need to replicate Kate’s pretty-in-pink look this summer is these five items: raspberry lip balm, dusty-rose cream blush, skin-tone color eyeshadow, brow liner and mascara.  Oh and her super delicate and vintage-inspired Windsor bracelet!  Love!

XO Amy Nadine