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This winter seems particularly brutal and the chilling winds are wreaking havoc on our faces, especially our lips! It seems every client that I’ve worked on so far this year is suffering from reeeeeally chapped lips no matter how often they re-apply their lip balm. A couple months ago I posted the Winter Lip Fix tutorial with a bi-weekly scrub and mask (and I’d love to hear if any of you have tried it and have had good results!). But if that’s not enough or you’re still looking for something else, you have to give a non-balm a try.

Balms try to protect lips against getting chapped, or getting more chapped, but if they’re already chapped, they can’t really undo them. That doesn’t mean you have to give up! A non-balm penetrates, conditions and moisturizes instead of sitting on top as protection (which is still important too!).  Combine it with daily scrubbing (when you brush your teeth, brush your lips) and you can absolutely start bringing your lips back to life. Here’s how:



  1. With either the oil or the serum, pump once on the tip of your finger. (With the oil, you can apply it directly on your lip area if you want, obviously).
  2. Smear it all over your lip area. You don’t have to give it a few minutes before applying lipstick, but I always do because I’m a little neurotic and don’t want anything to interfere with it working its magic!




Chapped lips plague a lot of us and are no fun. But hopefully this routine a couple of times a week will help. Here’s how!



  • Your Favorite Lip Scrub — I used Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lips Scrub on Magali above. I also really like Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Clementine.
  • An Electronic Lip Scrubber — I used Bliss Fabulips Kit that is specifically made for scrubbing chapped lips (and comes with the Scrub!). You can also use an electronic toothbrush!
  • A Lip Brush — I actually used my favorite Flat-Headed Eye Shader Brush that I use often to apply lipstick because it covers more surface area but the edges are sharp enough for detailing.
  • Your Favorite Lip Mask — your lips haven’t felt heaven until they’ve felt 5 minutes with the Kaplan MD Lip 20 Mask. It really heals, plumps and makes your skin stronger.
  • Your Favorite Tinted Lip Balm — if you’re looking for that perfect Snow White just-bitten, ultra-hydrating lip balm, treat yourself to Tata Harper’s Be Adored Tinted Lip Treatment!
  • A Wet Washcloth




  1. Dip your finger in the scrub and scoop out a nickel size.
  2. Rub the scrub all over the lip area.
  3. Turn on the electronic lip scrubber and place it on either your bottom or top lip to start, then slowly move it across and all over the lip area and let it buff away and do all of the work for you. Try to do it for 60-120 seconds. Watch the telie or listen to T-Swizzle’s new album while you’re waiting!
  4. Wipe off all of the scrub with the wet wash cloth.You should notice that most of the chapped areas are now smooth.
  5. Dip the brush into lip mask and scoop out a nickel size.
  6. Sweep the brush all over the lip area to coat it.
  7. Wait a few minutes for it to really penetrate and hydrate.
  8. Wipe it off with the backside of the wet washcloth.
  9. Finish with a quick sweep of the tinted lip balm.

Do this a couple times a week or however often needed to keep gorgeous, kissable lips this Winter!



photo: design: eunice chun

Every single Winter I swear that I’m not going to let my face get dry, irritated and chapped. But life gets in the way, I forget to stay on top of it and before I know it, the corners of my lips are cracked and my chin is so dry and irritated that it even has little rash-like bumps on it! Then I spend the next month trying to turn it around, but the heavy emollient creams strong enough to tackle the chapped skin only inflame and irritate the rash, causing dermatitis and break outs, landing me in my dermatologist’s office, hoping my insurance will cover it!!  It’s enough to drive a woman nuts. So this year, I am determined to stay on the offense and keep my skin balanced, moisturized and happy. Here is my pledge: