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photography by amy nadine, post by carissa ferreri, graphic design by eunice chun

We’ve given cat eyes a lot of attention (revisit our Get Catty Video Tutorial and even our Double Line Tutorial) yet we still hear that you want more practice! So we asked our guest blogger Carissa Ferreri to chime in with her take on it, because she wears winged liner every single day. Here’s her advice:  (more…)


photos: amy nadine, post: carissa ferreri, graphic design: eunice chun

Today we welcome back our guest blogger Carissa Ferreri who is sharing her favorite way to turn any lipstick into a matte lipstick. Take it away, Carissa!

I pride myself on bargain shopping and getting the most bang for your buck. There are so many makeup products out there and sometimes you just don’t have the funds or room for every shade and texture of the season! So here’s  an easy way to use products that you may already own to give yourself a newer look. I love the satin lipsticks but adore the look of really bright matte lips where they are the focus of attention. Instead of buying yet another product to create this look, just use what you have!

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photos: amy nadine/post: carissa ferreri/graphic design: eunice chun

For months now you’ve gotten to know my assistant Carissa Ferreri‘s lovely eyes and lips when she’s modeled for my makeup posts! But today she’s sharing a tip of her own. Take it away, Carissa!

Here is a trick I personally discovered while taking a trip that almost ended up in makeup disaster! I had just arrived at my destination and was getting ready for a night out. Since I was on vacation I consolidated my makeup to a small bag and just brought a few essentials. At the time I was in a phase using a black eyeshadow for eyeliner, and you guessed it… as soon as i opened the bag, black shadow everywhere! It had broke en route and I immediately realized what a bad decision it was. I panicked! I didn’t have time to go to the store so I frantically searched in my makeup bag for something else. I couldn’t believe I had packed so little! I am known for overpacking in every sense and the one time i needed an array of products I had failed to bring them. All of a sudden my MacGuyver instincts kicked in and like a lightbulb I zeroed in on the mascara! Clearly it’s safe for eyes and has the consistency of a cream liner. I used my flat slanted eyeliner brush and Voila! My signature cat eye done with none other than my favorite mascara! It lasted all night and I use my mascara liner trick to this day!



  1. Sweep the liner brush against the bristles of the mascara wand to load it up with product.
  2. Line your upper lash line like you would with any gel liner.
  3. Liner your lower lash line (optional).
  4. Finish with a coat of mascara.