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I’ve noticed cut creases are still going strong and look really beautiful on almost all eye shapes (especially pretty on monolids!). So I wanted to share my biggest tips to create a cut crease that you’ll really love.

  1. Notice the way Chloe held the brush in the crease, using the end of the brush to apply it then the side of the brush to smooth it.
  2. Notice we’re using a lay-down brush instead of a blending brush. This really presses the powder into the crease.
  3. And most importantly, notice she first applied a cool-toned shade with a light hand then switched to a warm-toned shadow with a little more pressure. The dance between the shades really makes magic. Here’s how:


  • A smoky shadow palette that has both warm and cool shades. Chloe used this baked palette ($$$) in Infinity and I also love this budget-friendly palette ($).
  • A classic lay-down eye shadow brush. I always use this one ($$) on my clients but you can try this one ($) too!
  • You favorite mascara. As you know I am obsessed with this dream mascara because it really fluffs up the lashes then you can twist the mini handle out of the top and it squeezes off the excess so you can use it on the bottom lashes.
  • A black kohl pencil (not shown). As you can see below, there’s a little leftover liner that Chloe arrived to the shoot with and I kept it because I love a little lived-in liner. This one ($) is my favorite.

tbd cut crease secretSTEPS

You might think this is just a nighttime look but I love it in the day too! If I’ve forgotten anything that you want to know about cut creases, ask me in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. xx

tbd cut crease secretFINAL




So many of my clients and friends have given up on a cat eye because the wing can be so problematic. I totally get it! But there a ways to fix even the worst wing without starting over! And as an added bonus, it subtly highlights the wing, drawing attention to it! Here’s how to pull it off and not have to find a Q-tip and makeup remover:


tbd cat eye correctorSTEPS


  1. Swipe the brush against the concealer as demonstrated above.
  2. Sweep it against the top of your hand a couple times to thin it out.
  3. Place it where you want to erase the fat or wobbly underside of the wing and press it down as you sweep it upward. This should take care of erasing it, but if not, go over it one more time. If it’s a really important event (like your wedding or prom), do it right with a pointed q-tip and makeup remover and sweep it along the underside of the wing. But for day to day, this should do the trick!




I realized the other day that when it comes to applying foundation, I always have our models use a foundation brush or egg-shaped sponge, because those are what I use on my clients. But when I apply my own, I always use my fingers. Probably partly because I clean brushes and sponges so often for my kit, that I don’t want to add another one, and partly because I love how my fingers warm up the foundation and I can really tap it in. And of course, it’s the fastest route. But using your fingers can go awry quickly if you don’t apply it in layers! I cannot stress this enough: apply only one pump, rub it between your fingers, tap it into skin, then go back and do only one more pump, rub it between your fingers and tap it into your skin. Stop and take a second to see if that’s enough of if there are a few areas that need a little more coverage then pump one more time, rub it in between your fingers and spot apply. That’s the only way to do it. If you pump three or more times and apply it that thickly, you’re left with a heavy and streaky application that will only end up all over your phone, even after you powder it. No bueno. Here’s how to get better results:


tbd foundation golden ruleSTEPS


  1. Hold your fingers together tightly and use your other hand to pump only one time onto them as demonstrated above.
  2. Rub your fingers together to thin it out.
  3. I like to tap it as I rub it all over my face and neck. Try it and let me know if you like it too!
  4. Really get into the hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Repeat step one by pumping only one time into your fingers.
  6. Repeat step 2 by rubbing your fingers together to thin it out.
  7. Repeat steps 3 and 4 by tapping and rubbing it all over. If you need more coverage, you can add another layer.
  8. Set with powder (not shown but this is my favorite powder right now ($$)).

If you’re a sponge or foundation-brush-kind-of gal, do this same golden rule by only applying one pump at a time so you only apply one layer at a time. It’s the only way to help it become one with your skin instead of mostly sitting on top of it.



Photo by : Denman, Ibiza, WET Brush, Warrentricomi, Spornette, Mason Pearson, Moroccan, Martino By Martino Cartier, Proraso Post by : Carachele Tyvan

Photo by : Denman, Ibiza, WET Brush, Warrentricomi, Spornette, Mason Pearson, Moroccan, Martino By Martino Cartier, Proraso
Post by : Carachele Tyvan

We’ve refreshed our brush kit and have included a few newest and latest must haves!

1.  THE DENMAN PADDLE BRUSH– You can detangle with it, blow dry with it, massage your head with it, and tease hair with it. It doesn’t pull or scratch because of its perfectly rounded nylon pin-bristles, it doesn’t cause static, and is padded with an air cushion. On a daily basis, I use it to blow my hair out quickly before I curl it with a curling iron.

2 . MOROCCAN OIL  BRUSHES– This brush acts as a curling iron when it heats up. Most people use this when they want a little bend on their ends without using a curling iron. It has a hollow core which allows air to flow through. In other words, your hair is being dried from the inside as well as the outside, and that speeds up drying time. This brush is not my particular favorite because they often scratch the scalp and if you don’t move fast enough, there can be too much heat between your blow dryer and the metal of the brush.

3. MARTINO BY MARTIONO CARTIER ROUND BRUSH WITH TOURMALINE – Need an quick efficient blow-dry? This Brush allows for a speedy blow-dry and is built to lock in moisture and cut frizz.

4. IBIZA ROUND BRUSHES– These are my favorite round brushes for home use. They’re gentle enough to give into a tangle, but strong enough to get tension for smoothing out waves. This brush is packed with the perfect amount of bristles, making it much easier to manage the hair while styling. The benefits of this brush create a smooth and shiny look that can last you a couple day!

5. DENMAN  THERMO CERAMIC -This is like #2 and #4 mixed together. Since this brush has both boar bristles and nylon bristles you have more control over the hair than you do with a regular metal core brush. The boar hair bristles also help prevent excessive contact between the hair and the metal. This is a rather versatile round brush. It can be used to create smooth straight hair or hair with lots of body.

6. SPORNETTE – “PORCUPINE” G36 -This is my all time favorite brush for bangs. Its an important, very affordable staple piece that’s good to always have on you if you are in need of controlling untamable bangs.

7. THE MASON PEARSON – This brush is considered the “ultimate grooming” brush. It is extremely gentle and nourishing on the hair and scalp. Although it is a bit pricy, it has its benefits!

8. PRORASO SHAVE BRUSH – All though The Proraso Shave Brush is generally used for a clean shave, I like to use it to tuck away remaining fly-a-ways on up-do’s. The Trick here is to mist the brush with a strong hold hair spray and gently brush down any excess hair.

9. WET BRUSH  – The ” Life Saver” of all brushes . I love to prep all hair types with this brush! It truly can detangle any type of hair wet or dry. What makes this brush so great is its ability to work through all tangles because of its intelliflex bristles.

10. WET BRUSH TRAVEL SIZE – The “Mini Life Saver” because I love to use the Wet Brush so much Its a must to have one on the go. I use it to freshen up my hair or detangle any unwanted knots that happen through out the day. Its the perfect travel size companion and can help tremendously detangling and prepping all hair types!

11. IBIZA OC BRUSH SERIES– Brushes for everyone! Fine, Medium, Course, this brush is an amazing tool that helps prevent the brush from tugging, pulling or breaking the hair.

12. HAIR BRUSH CLEANER  – This handy tool is a must have! It helps remove all excess hair and will preserve your tools!