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If you know me, you know I love trying gimmicky things because sometimes you end up finding a diamond in the rough! Enter hair drying gloves. I got these out of curiosity and they ended up being a fast favorite. I don’t use them on my clients but I do use them at home. Often I go to put mousse, curl cream, leave-in or wave spray in my hair and end up with more dried onto my hands than my hair. Not only do these help with that, but they also helped me cut down on drying time. Here’s what I know for sure about these handy things…

There are a couple kinds on the market. For finer hair or anyone wanting to add some soft texture to their curls/waves I would recommend THESE GLOVES because they’re more like a towel which tends to build texture. But if your mane concern is to keep curls or waves calm, cool & collected, THESE GLOVES are your best bet because they are made of microfibers which we know helps with frizz.

By trial and error, I’ve discovered the best way to use hair drying gloves is to apply the product with your bare hands first, rinse your hands, then put the gloves on. Begin scrunching at the ends and work your way up into the root. These are so absorbent and remove surface moisture quickly. These would be particularly good for anyone wanting to cut back on their heat styling time. Think about it… if you get into the roots with these gloves and absorb a bit of the moisuture before blowdrying, you’ll definitely trim down the time you’ll spend pointing hot air at your hair and scalp, without having to wait for the hair to air-dry. And it’s 100000 times easier to get in there with “towel fingers” than an actual towel. Feel me??

Have you tried anything gimmicky or gadgety lately which ended up working well that you want to share? If so spill the deets in the comments below please!


Photo & Post by Carachele Tyvan

Photo & Post by Carachele Tyvan

For some of us, maintaining coarse frizzy hair can be a pain! What many don’t know is that its not just the blowdryer or straightener that needs to be present in order to smooth out frizz, but that the look requires prepping and product to preserve smooth and sleekness! Here is a step to step on how to control the frizz and enjoy a long-lasting blow-dry.

Photo & Post by Carachele Tyvan

Photo & Post by Carachele Tyvan

  1. Prep damp hair with a hydrating frizz control leave in conditioner. Here we used THIS ONE.
  2.  Spray damp hair with a frizz control weightless styling spray. Our current fav is THIS ONE.
  3. First section off your fringe or front pieces  that frame your forehead (width distance temple to temple). Using a round brush smooth this section away from your forehead gliding the dryer along the top of the hair to seal and smooth. ( The key here is to point the nozzle not directly on the hair to dry, but to let it rest slightly above the hair. Doing this will allow you to control the hair creating a smooth and sleek look.)
  4. Continue with the front section and wind it into a tight coiled bun. Clip and leave to set.
  5. Next section off  hair on your right and left side. If you need to create smaller sections within these sections you may do so.
  6. Start with either side and smooth both sides using your round brush gliding the blowdryer slightly above the hair. With your round brush direct and blow the hair toward the face. This will help create volume at the root as well as create a equally balanced look and smoothness for both sides.
  7. After your sides are smooth. Work your way to the back of your head. Here create two horizontal sections. Clip top section and tuck away.
  8. Start with the bottom half and section into two vertical sections. Using the round brush smooth each section bringing the hair towards the face when blowdrying. (Continue step 8 for other sections.)
  9. Once you’ve reached the last section (top of the head) continue the same smoothing technique.  styling everything  forward (towards the face).
  10. When you’ve completed smoothing out hair. Gently blow warm air across the top of the head to tuck away any baby hairs (the key here is to not blow directly on the scalp but to hold the dryer at an angle. Use the palm of your hand and fingers (faceup) to comb through the hair from the scalp while drying. This will help control the hair and tuck away those stubborn baby hairs).
  11. Now remove clip from first section, unwinding it split in half or your desired part.
  12. Polish off your frizz free blow-dry with a finishing humidity spray. This will preserve a long-lasting sleek look. Here we used THIS ONE
  13. For extra smoothness run a nourishing hair oil through the mid-shaft and ends. Here we USED THIS ONE.



photos: Nookie A/W ’12 Lookbook post designed by Kristin Ess

HAPPY WEDNESDAY, hair hustlers! Since pretty much nobody enjoys thinking about blowing out their hair on a random wednesday night, it feels like a great time to talk about NOT blowing out your hair. I ran across this gorgeous lookbook from Nookie while browsing the www, so I had to share it with you guys! I couldn’t help but notice that this model’s hair was repping days 2, 3 and 4 of a blow out in the most amazing ways. This post will be a great visual for someone who’s learning to extend the life of their blowdry. Here are some step-by-step suggestions to go with the images above… (more…)


photos: justin coit + post designed by kristin ess

Lots of requests for a very basic blow out. Here’s your step by step! I’ll do one for curly hair and one for fine hair as well. These are the basics steps for anyone with wavy and/or thick hair like Lauren’s.

Tools: Blow dryer with the nozzle, leave-in conditioner or detangler, protective serum or frizz taming serum, medium to large round brush, clips.

1. On wet hair, spray leave-in conditioner or detangler so that you’re not ripping at your hair as you brush it out. See here for details on that. Always best to apply leave-in or detangler right out of the shower, before the hair starts to air dry. Spraying it on air dried hair may cause the hair to feel sticky in the long run.

2. Like I always say, blow your bangs/fringe section out FIRST. The sooner you blow this out, the more control you’ll have over parting + cowlicks. People always tell me how much difficulty they’ve had with this section, and once they’ve tried blowing it out while  it’s totally wet, everything changes. The wetter the better when it comes to the very front section of your hair, or any uncontrollable cowlick for that matter. You want to stretch the hair from left to right while blowing it out. That will give you the most flexibility with your part. Your nozzle should be ON!

3. Once you’ve tamed the front section, let the rest down and take a little moisture out, but not too much because it will end up dry in some places and wet in others. Try to keep the dryer moving and do your best to keep the hair evenly damp.

4. Now apply a frizz tamer, argan oil, or protective serum. Whatever you and your hairstylist like the most. I like to apply this after I rough dry. The hair needs more protection and smoothing when there’s direct brush + blow dryer contact. If you put it in before this, it may not be as helpful. You don’t need a lot! Just a little applied from the middle of your hair to the ends.

5. Next move to the back. Pull the sections around as you dry. Stretching them will help smooth them. Notice Lauren’s using a boar bristle brush. Brushes with lots of natural bristles are great for smoothing because they grab the hair and get lots of tension. The difference in brushes can be found here! Always turn your head to the side when blowing out the back. It’s easier on your arms and you get more access to the root area which is important in the back sections. Work your way up,  section by section until you reach the top/back.

6. Then you’re on to the sides. Divide the left + right sections and clip them up (see image 6). The most important thing on the sides is getting even tension. Make sure the hair is laying evenly on the brush. Also, since you started in the back, this will have air dried a little. Wet it a little bit if you think it’s getting too wavy. Once the hair starts drying and developing it’s own wave, you need to wet it a little or you’ll just end up with more frizz. Stop for knots! Comb them out nicely or bad things can happen!

7. After you’ve blown your hair out entirely, go back through and handle the fly aways! My favorite technique for that is blowing all the little hairs underneath the big hairs. In other words, using your blow dryer with the nozzle attached, push the little hairs underneath the longer heavy hairs. The longer heavy hairs will sit on top of the little hairs and weigh them down! It’s my favorite trick and works so much better than loading the top of your head with hairspray.

8. After you’ve gotten dressed and the hair has cooled, the fly aways should be tamed. Now go back in, take off the nozzle, flip your head over and “stir it up”. This gives you a more natural, piece-y look and keeps it from looking too done.