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design and post by Eunice Chun

For some of you SPRING BREAK has arrived. HOORAY! For others it’s right around the corner. ALMOST HOORAY! So the question is, what do you take with you when you’re heading to the beach or out of town for a visit with friends or family? I mean, spring can be pretty tricky. It’s not crazy hot out yet, but the sun is certainly shining. We’ve got to protect ourselves while looking chic (and taking photos)! I chose this bright orange Anthro top to wear as a cover up, and I’ve styled my entire “Spring Break Bag” around it…

  1. Floppy Hat ($12.80 at Forever 21)
  2. Elizabeth + James “Lafayette” cat-eye sunnies ($155 @ Nordstroms)
  3. Nicole Petal Sandals ($79 @ Piperlime)
  4. Madewell Striped Tote in neon green and white ($68 @ Madewell)
  5. Polaroid Instant Camera ($70)

AND… we’ll packing these of course:

What’s in your bag and where are you off to for spring break?


photo + post design: kristin ess

In the spirit of yesterday’s bangs post, I’ve decided to do a little beauty giveaway with some of my favorites. I’m passing out 5 of these “Big Bang” bags to randomly selected people who like this post on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Inside you will find the essentials for any type of bangs:

  • Blotting papers- absorbs the oils that get into your bangs and cause unwanted separation.
  • Japanese bobby pins in your color- these are the strongest bobby pins you’ll ever use! They’re my favorite and they never slip!
  • My favorite teal comb- one swipe with the fine side of this comb while on the go, and your bangs are perfection!
  • Paddle clips- holds your bangs out of your face while you do your makeup, but won’t leave a crease!
  • Ponytail holders- because bangs look really good with a ballerina bun, fun bun or ponytail.
  • Travel size dry shampoo- a mandatory purse product for anyone with bangs. Remember the story on dry shampoo?

Good luck!!

Xx Kristin



photos: post designed by kristin ess

Spring is here and so are fairs, festivals, flea markets & fiestas! As silly as it may sound, I always keep a bag ready to go by the door for an impromptu day of fun-in-the-sun.

The essentials:

a big floppy hat
sunscreen, spf 30 or higher
tinted lip balm
a camera
a pretty vintage blanket
a good book

Friend on facebook and you could be selected at random to win the same bag of goodies… to you, from me.

XO Lauren