post/graphic design: Norah Curlee

What better way to beat the winter blues than indulging in some beauty bits with a common denominator of: HONEY. Sure, bees are busy in spring and summer…but we can reap the benefits all winter long. Mother nature seriously knocked it out of the park with giving us beauty-junkies this versatile ingredient. Hair, skin, scent…it does it all. As having both antibacterial and moisturizing properties, honey makes a guest appearance in so many of the beauty products we crave. We’ve put together some of these sweeties that we think are the bees knees. Sorry we couldn’t resist.

1. JO MALONE NECTARINE BLOSSOM AND HONEY COLOGNE: When it comes to the scent biz, no one does it better than Jo Malone. With notes of succulent nectarine, peach, cassis, delicate spring flowers and, of course, acacia honey, this scent is playful and SO YUMMY.

2. LUSH’S FAIR TRADE HONEY SHAMPOO: Dry haired gals meet your new best friend. Remember we talked about honey being a moisture hero? Case in point, enter this shampoo. Over half of the bottle contains fair trade honey giving hair shine and luster. With all that honey you can only imagine how delicious it smells. Trust us, it’s divine.

3. FARMHOUSE FRESH HONEY HEEL GLAZE: This delicious little jar will be your savior for dry, cracked tootsies this winter. It’s an ultra intense moisturizing serum for your feet {we hear its a wonder for cracked knuckles too}. It comes with the cutest little application brush so you can slather to your hearts content!

4. RODIAL BEE VENOM EYE CREAM: OK, you caught us. So there isn’t any actual honey in this one, but we couldn’t do a post without a nod to the bees that make it all possible. The bee venom in this revolutionary eye cream immediately plumps and reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. Bzzzzz….amazing.

5. KIEHL’S CREME DE CORPS BODY BUTTER: First thing, a word of warning. This stuff smells so good that you are going to want to grab a spoon and dive in {but please don’t}. Whipped soy milk and honey sink quickly into the skin to restore, protect, and soften. Definitely the creme of the crop!

6. THE BODY SHOP’S HONEY BRONZE SHIMMERING DRY OIL: We love dry oils when it comes to moisturizing the skin. Give us one with a bronzy-shimmery finish? Sold.  Lots of fair trade honey in combo with some essential oils gives that supple texture to the skin. Glow on with your bad self!

7.  LAURA MERCIER ALMOND COCONUT MILK HONEY BATH: Oh, Laura. You’ve done it again. By far the most luxurious product of the bunch; prepare to amp up bath time. It’s a decadent, foaming bath milk that will leave your skin ultra soft. A pretty sweet addition to your home-spa lineup!