photos (clockwise): mariano vivanco, josh olins, andreas ohlund, damon baker/design by eunice chun

I die for this color. Burgundy is by far the biggest color for Fall and I so badly want a burgundy handbag, leather jacket, corduroy jeans, wide-brimmed hat, shoes… anything and everything! A girl can dream… but in the meantime, who knew burgundy lips could be so gorgeous too? I never thought about this mulberry shade for myself; my eyes definitely but I guess I never thought I could pull it off as a lip color. I’ve been eyeing it in magazine editorials and on the runways but figured it was too high fashion for real life…

Until I had this a-ha moment…

a dark shade like burgundy just needs a dab of clear gloss to give it life! So simple yet so brilliant. Please try it and let me know if you agree, even though I’m sure a lot of you figured this one out ages ago! It’s really sophisticated and chic, and so on trend with this season’s colors and styles.

I recommend: NARS Lipstick in Viridiana with Bobbi Brown Crystal Clear Gloss or Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor in Boundless Brandy which is awesome because it’s a two-sided little beauty with the color at one end and the clear gloss on the other.

XO, Amy Nadine